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How to Grow Long Hair

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Would Rapunzel have had her happy ending with her prince if she’d had dry, damaged tresses? We think not. Long hair is great – but when it’s limp and lifeless, not so much. Luckily, gorgeously slick, sleek, smooth strands are within your reach – so get ready to swish.

What is it about long hair that makes us all turn into wide-eyed little girls again? From Frozen’s Princess Elsa’s voluminous braid to Beyonce’s wild and wonderful mane via virtually every supermodel blowout in between, the beauty of long hair is in more than just it’s ease and manageability. What hair styling could be simpler than wash, brush and go with a dose of innate visual appeal to boot? And as grown ups our long hair obsession continues. We search endlessly for the magic elixir that will be the miraculous answer to “how to grow long hair” and “what makes your hair grow.” Long hair is dream hair, no matter what, mostly because it’s a majorly arduous task to both grow and maintain long healthy lengths.

How to grow long hair

Getting long, flowing, gorgeous locks that extend past your shoulders and beyond can take years. Most hair grows on average ½ an inch to an inch per month, so you do the math. If you’re after a quick-fire solution to make hair grow fast, the truth is, it takes time. It can feel like forever just to make the most miniscule of gains, and that’s before we get side-tracked by the newest lob or bob. It’s no wonder long locks are the envy of the sidewalk as well as the salon.

But fret no more. If you already have mermaid lengths (lucky you) or are trying to get past that awkward length, the most important thing to prioritise is hair health. As hair grows it can be up to 10 years old by the time it hits your mid back, so it’s vital to nourish the hair you have; that’s what helps hair grow healthy and strong so there’s less breakage.

Tips to get longer, thicker hair

‘How to get long hair’ and ‘what helps hair grow’ are one and the same thing. Healthy roots and nourished, well-conditioned lengths are first and foremost on the checklist. And, to avoid dreaded split ends (the veritable ugly sister of your fairy-tale fantasy hair) regular micro-trims and hydrating products are vital to help seal dry tips for longer, thicker hair growth.

Get longer, thicker hair with the right products

First in your ‘long hair dream care’ kit is Aussie Deeep Moisture Shampoo that actively helps to rebuild damaged hair that’s seen more than it’s fair share of daily abuse with each and every use. Call it the Cinderalla solution, it gently dissolves daily build-up while replenishing it with vital nutrients leaving hair healthy, soft and supple. Longer thicker hair is only possible if it continues to grow without splitting or weakening along the length, so conditioning is like a magic fairy godmother. Ignore her at your peril. 

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Shine is a loving product for long hair. The range is infused with our Australian Beach Strawberry. Let Aussie help pamper and repair the damage associated with combing, so you can find your very own happily ever after (and long may it last).

Less is more when it comes to longer, thicker hair so ensure you’re not washing it too often, regularly topping up with daily leave-in conditioning treatments and opting out of damaging heated tools as often as you can. The only rule is to treat your hair with as much care as your princess-like self would; scorching temperatures be-gone, aggressive hair brushing goodbye. Taking care of the hair you have is rule numero uno if you want to know how to grow long hair.

Once you’re washed, conditioned and ready to go, treat tresses to the rich and nourishing Aussie 3 Miracle Lightweight Oil Reconstructor, a hair treatment designed to achieve lush locks in an instant.

Nothing, we’re sorry to say, will magically make hair grow fast, but play the long game and you’ll get there. Is all the upkeep worth it guys? Oh, yeah that's right, you’re a beautiful princess who little girls envy. So, in short, yup.

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