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Benefits of Oiling Hair

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Is hair oil on your haircare agenda? It should be! Find out why the benefits of hair oil shouldn't be underestimated with Aussie. What you waiting for?

Hair oils boast a plethora of benefits, from adding the finishing, lightweight shine to your night-out look or providing deep nourishment to tender tresses in need of some serious hydration, there is a hair oil on standby for every occasion.

But “What does hair oil do?” and “Why should I use hair oil?” we hear you ask. Fear not! We’ve got some Aussie wisdom in store for you that’ll prove why the benefits of oiling hair should not be underestimated! Looking for great hair? Read on…

What does hair oil do?

Whether you’re equipped with a hair oil in your haircare arsenal or you’re reading this to know if you should buy one, you might be wondering about the benefits of oiling hair. And, along with the benefits, what exactly does a hair oil do to our tender tresses? and why is it integral in achieving Aussome hair? Let us help you out with this one…

Hair oil is the staple product we can always rely on to revitalise thirsty tresses from the depths of despair, it works to make strands less brittle and more supple at the same time. What else could we ask for? We’ve compiled the most noticeable benefits you’ll see from oiling your hair, just to remind you what hair oil does and reiterate why we all need one in our haircare routine:

  • Hair oil helps to strengthens strands. We subject our tresses to harm every single day, from a quick blow-dry to a tight-back pony, we wreak more havoc on our hair than you may first think. Hair oil works to protect the hair from these damaging factors by oiling strands, which in turn forms a protective outer layer around delicate strands. Hair oil functions as a sealant against heat damage caused by styling, which we are all guilty of (sometimes at least!).

  • Hair oil works to hydrate strands and fight frizz. The unequivocal benefit of oiling hair is that dry strands are hydrated and frizz is tamed with a coin-sized amount of hair oil. It does this by creating a physical barrier around the hair strands, preventing moisture loss which is what causes strands to appear dull and dry.

Why use hair oil?

Whatever your haircare worry, there isn’t a problem that hair oil can’t solve and smoothen out. From the finishing shining touch to an up-do to a deep hair oil treatment on days when you find yourself stuck at home, Aussie has a hair oil for every occasion. But why use a hair oil? We can think of a few reasons why, let us help you out...

  • Hair oil gives strands added shine, smoothness and protection against frizz. If dryness, dull strands or frizz are a problem for you, hair oil could be your knight in shining armour. It not only strengthens hair, but adding a little Aussie Mega Smooth Hair Oil into your daily haircare routine will help to protect hair from frizz-causing humidity and dryness.

  • Lightweight hair oil is perfect for thin or fine hair. Some hair oils are so light that you can use them every time you wash your hair! Even if you have fine hair, Aussie’s Reconstructor Lightweight Oil is your best partner in crime. It’ll help strengthen those strands for free-flowing locks from morning to night.

How to use hair oil

So now you’re all clued up on what hair oil does to your tender tresses, and why we should all use a hair oil, let’s talk how to apply hair oil.

Step 1. First off wash your tresses, following the usual steps. Shampoo, condition, and, if you feel like it, use a hair mask (much needed ‘me time’ anyone?) aka deep condition. For very troubled tresses in the depths of despair, try Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor Deep Treatment.

Step 2. Gently dry tresses using a towel and don’t tussle! A soft touch when drying can prevent hair breakage and troublesome tangles. So, gently does it!

Step 3. Pump a 5p coin-sized amount of hair oil on to the palm of your hands, using the right hair oil for your hair’s custom need:

  • Dry hair in need of deep hydration – Grab our Aussie 3 Miracle Oil Reconstructor

  • Frizzy hair in need of taming – Reach for our Aussie Mega Smooth Hair Oil infused with Australian Hemp Seed Extract

  • Dull hair in need of shine – Opt for Aussie’s Aussie 3 Miracle Smooth

Step 4. Next apply the hair oil with your fingertips, starting from the very tips of your hair and working your way up the lengths of strands. Avoid the roots or you end up with a greasy look!

Step 5. Allow strands to air-dry as Aussie nature intended

Step 6. Leave your hair to reveal in all its glory! Repeat once to twice a week for Aussome hair!

So, there you have it! Everything you need to know on the benefits of oiling your hair! You’re well versed on all of the Aussome things hair oil does to your tresses to say the least, but we’ve got more in store if you’re looking for a more versatile way on how to use hair oil. Go on, Aussome hair is waiting for you...

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