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Biotin for Hair Growth

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If your goal is longer and faster hair growth, length retention, and healthier skin and nails, then biotin is a mini miracle worker. If you’ve ever searched “biotin benefits for hair,” or “biotin oil for hair growth,” you’ve come to the place with the answers. We did the hard yards and took a deep dive into biotin benefits for hair, so all you need to do is scroll…

Biotin benefits for hair

To understand the benefits of biotin for hair growth, we need to dip our toes in the science of it!

Keratin (you might have heard of it!) is the basic protein responsible for good skin, hair and nails; biotin plays a role in building that vital keratin infrastructure. Also known as Vitamin H, biotin is a water-soluble vitamin from the vitamin B family and supports new cell growth. So, if you’re not getting enough biotin, this can lead to brittle nails, skin conditions and even thinning hair. Yep! Biotin’s a key player in making sure those strands grow long and strong.

There are many ingredients that claim to have hair-defying promises, but biotin is a naturally occurring protein-building powerhouse that strengthens and thickens each follicle to its max. Thicker, healthier hair is the dream, and while we may all love the idea of long flowing locks, the fact is that everyone’s hair will hit a point where it stops growing. A reality that’s sadly determined by genetics. For most of us, the average head of hair grows around one inch every month, but the impact of our daily life, plus hormonal changes, aging and colour processes can weaken the hair cortex. This, in turn, can cause strands to thin out, lose its lustre and eventually, and frustratingly, snap. This kind of damage inhibits your natural growth cycle, but can be stopped if it’s strengthened from both the inside and outside.

For truly luscious locks, it’s crucial to take a holistic approach and prioritise your nutrition and health. For anyone with biotin deficiencies, with weakened hair or who dreams of Rapunzel-like lengths, biotin is a naturally occurring substance in natural foods. Eggs, cauliflower, salmon, carrots, bananas, legumes, nuts and seeds are just a few. So, upping your intake through your diet is a simple first step to take.

Biotin benefits for hair: revamp your haircare routine

If your goal is to strengthen and create the optimal environment for hair growth, Pantene’s new Lift’n’Volume Collection is about to become your hair’s holy grail. Blending Pantene’s highly nutritious pro-v blend with a quartet of ingredients; rose water, castor oil and biotin, the range works to ensure the hair is fuller & thicker.

When it comes to achieving a thick, gleaming head of hair it’s important to pay attention to the root of the issue and put scalp health at the forefront of your regime. If your scalp is healthy, clean and getting the vitamins and minerals it needs, it will ensure new hair follicles grow with strength and vitality. And this is where biotin and hair growth are believed to be inextricably linked. Pantene’s sulphate free Lift’n’Volume Shampoo gently cleanses dry, damaged hair by infusing it with the nutrients hair needs to hold onto moisture, while Lift’n’Volume Conditioner deeply nourishes from root to tip for 100% visibly thicker, fuller hair***.

Once your cleanse and condition routine is in check, introduce these biotin infused beauties for thicker, more voluminous strands…

Biotin-rich nourishing hair mask

Add in a weekly treatment mask to say ‘goodbye’ to dry, damaged and lifeless locks. The perfect excuse to treat yourself to an at-home spa night, Pantene’s Body & Strength Silicone Free Mask, infused with biotin and rose water, will leave hair looking and feeling soft and moisturised.

Hair thickening treatment

For hair that virtually explodes with volume you’ll love Pantene Grow Thicker, an innovative hair thickening treatment that thickens existing hair to create the look of 6,500 more strands. Imagine that! For hair that gives you an extra spring in your step, lifting your mood and your day, it delivers a magical lift-me-up hair boost unlike any other.

Weightless oil mist with Biotin

A one-size-fits-all solution that’ll streamline your hair routine Pantene’s 7-in-One Weightless Oil Mist boasts some serious claims; it’ll strengthen, repair, detangle, defend against heat, protect your colour, add shine, while reducing frizz, and all in one application. The ultimate multi-tasking haircare product that does almost everything you could want; use it on wet hair before you use heated appliances; smooth it on dry hair whenever it’s feeling thirsty; apply it before going out or when you hit the hay, it won’t do your tax return, but it’ll to pretty much everything else.

As you’ll see, biotin is the ultimate hair hero that enhances hair’s natural beauty contributing towards longer-term thickness and radiance with repeated use, promoting new hair growth and stronger* follicles. Once you discover the brilliance of biotin, you’ll never look back.

For more tips on how to make thin hair look thicker take a look at our guide full of tips from the experts!

*Stronger vs. non-conditioning shampoo
**Repairs vs. non-conditioning shampoo, against styling damage
***100% fuller, thicker hair vs. unwashed hair

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