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Cactus Extract for Frizzy Hair

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Cactus extract is a common ingredient in beauty products, especially when it comes to hair care. Cactus extract is used in hair growth hair care products and as an anti-frizz ingredient. It’s also used in our new FRIZZ NO MORE collection with cactus extract.

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Frizzy hair causes: humidity

Humidity is a frequent cause of frizzy hair. Everyone who deals with frizz can experience it in a unique way. You might find that it’s only your roots that frizz, or your ends, maybe even the entire length of your hair. One step into moist air and your hair looks a mess - your ends blow out, and you get the dreaded frizz halo. If you’ve got frizz, you know that humidity is one of your hair’s greatest enemies.

Cactus extract against frizzy hair

Just imagine a cactus in the desert, with the high and low temperatures, dry and humid air - withstanding some of the most extreme weather conditions. The new trendy hair care products, using the cactus plant in hair products are inspired by this, with the intent to make your hair just as resilient, resisting frizz and future damage. These products also helps to achieve perfectly falling waves, with no fly-aways.

Pantene frizz no more collection with cactus extract

Stop frizz before it starts. Tame your unruly hair with our Pantene FRIZZ NO MORE collection that has a nutritious blend of Pro-V, Biotin and cactus extract. Protect your hair from humidity, and keep the defined, perfectly falling waves that you left your house with. Get the defined, sealed look you want, while keeping your volume under control.

Tame frizzy hair with frizz no more collection

FRIZZ NO MORE hair products, with cactus extract, will tame your unruly hair keeping back your frizz. Get a defined look - perfectly falling waves with controlled volume. Stop worrying about fly-aways from popping up and get the neat and tidy look you’re longing for, no matter the weather. Protect your hair, prevent damage, and take control of your frizz - no need to hide from humidity anymore.

Anti-frizz collection with cactus extract

Cactus extract, as an ingredient in beauty products, is growing in popularity because of its many beneficial properties. Our FRIZZ NO MORE collection is inspired by this beauty ingredient and gives you defined waves, with controlled volume. 

Experience no-frizz hairstyles and get perfectly falling waves, no matter the weather, with our Frizz Resist Shot and Instant Frizz Tamer treatments, FRIZZ NO MORE shampoo and conditioner, and Intense Frizz Tamer hair cream.

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