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Castor Oil Benefits for Hair

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In the world of hair and beauty there is always another hi-tech ingredient hailed as the next big thing, but there are also those long-forgotten wonders that re-emerge and change the game. Castor oil is one of our new, old-school favourites.

Benefits of using castor oil for hair

Shampoo-ad shine? Tick. Parched tips? See ya later! Castor oil holds the key to a fuller, happier head of hair.

Essentially, castor oil traps moisture in the hair, smoothing the cuticle, which makes it the perfect ingredient for those with frizzy, coarse or curly hair that typically lack moisture. By nourishing and protecting against future breakage it improves hair texture that in turn can aid healthy hair growth. Plus, those anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, means it’s actively good for scalp maintenance.

Thanks to its rich emollient properties, castor oil is an ideal ingredient for ultra-hydrating treatments, but it’s not easy to incorporate into your regime in its pure undiluted form. On our never-ending quest for luminous, shiny, growth-happy strands, you might want to simply apply a handful of this natural wonder oil and leave it in as an at-home conditioning treatment, but castor oil’s benefits do admittedly come with one slight frustration. It is heavy, sticky and a challenge in itself to wash out. And, if conditioning was your aim, there’s no point in counteracting all its brilliant benefits just to have to wash it six times to remove that thick oily residue.

As castor oil is much richer and thicker in consistency than many other hydrating oils, using it neat can actually end up being counterproductive. Even those with dry and coarser hair who benefit from its ultra-heavyweight conditioning properties would still have a tough time getting the hair to feel light and fresh after an undiluted pure castor oil treatment. So for everyone, fine and greasy types too, its benefits are best found in the new generation of products that use it within a lighter, more scientific and effortless blend.

How do I use castor oil for hair?

The ideal product that offers all of its benefits with less of the downsides are products that utilise a cocktail of ingredients that leave hair soft, strong and shiny. Cue Pantene’s Lift’n’Volume Collection, in particular, Pantene’s 7-in-One Weightless Oil Mist. It’s a multitasking spray containing a blend of castor oil, rose water, biotin and Pro-V nutrients that help fortify* strands from root to tip. It does everything you could want from strengthening*, visibly repairing* and detangling when your hair is wet, to heat and colour protection when it’s dry, and then, it adds a glass-like shine as a finishing touch.

Soothing, moisturising and nourishing for troubled tresses, castor oil is back for the 21ˢᵗ century, and once you discover it, your hair will thank you for it!

Want to know more about the ingredients in Pantene’s new Lift’n’Volume Collection? We’ve gathered all our expert knowledge on rose water and biotin for hair here.

*Stronger vs. non-conditioning shampoo
**Repairs vs. non-conditioning shampoo, against styling damage

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