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Fine Hair Guide to Volume

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For women with finer hair, there’s nothing worse than perfecting a style, only to have it fall flat a few hours later. It’s. The. Worst. But with a few tweaks to your cleansing regimen and a few insider stylist tips, you’ll be able to get the lift, without a trip to the salon.

Less is more

All hair is not created equal. Fine hair can have up to 50% less strand-plumping protein than thicker hair, causing it to look flat and lifeless at times. (Hey, at least we have shine and softness…right?) That’s why using the right products for fine hair is crucial to getting volume. A volumizing regimen should include a lightweight shampoo and conditioner and a great hair volumizer. That’s it. Of course, a little leave-in conditioner or BB cream at the roots won’t cause you to go insta-flat, but if you’re going for a big bouncy blow dry, stick with the mantra: less is more.

Maximize your blowouts

If you’re going to use a hair dryer, make sure you apply a volumizer and try a few of our favorite pro tips on how to create volume. Our go-tos include parting your hair on the other side, drying your hair in a bun, or blow drying upside down and letting your hair cool while holding it up and out. By letting the style cool completely while you’re holding it up, you're allowing bonds to arrange inside each hair fibre in that particular shape, helping to build better volume from the core. A quick spray of hairspray to the underside of your hair won’t hurt either.

Try a second-day look

The problem with second-day looks for ladies with fine hair is the grease factor, which is why we suggest using dry shampoo or baby powder. A quick spritz will absorb excess oil, which can weigh hair down. A little dry shampoo works wonders to refresh hair, just be sure to brush it out completely prior to styling so it disappears completely!

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