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Hair Hacks For Busy Women

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Bad hair days seem to come just when you don’t need them; just when you have absolutely no time, and are rushing out the door, that last glance in the mirror can almost ruin the day before it’s started. But it is possible to achieve great hair without hours of effort, these are the insider quick fix tricks and products that work, and work fast.

The ultimate hairstyle hacks

1. There’s no need to wash your hair with water every day

While washing your hair every day feels like the healthiest thing to do when our hair feels greasy, dirty or less than perfect, it’s not always the best solution for hair. Ideally, it’s best to give hair a break between shampoos, and refresh it without using water at all where possible. This not only saves you minutes with your morning or evening haircare routine, but also helps to make hair more manageable and easier to style. Don’t believe us? Give it a try! With the new Pantene Style & Refresh range, you can finally cheat your way to a great hair day – you can touch up and refresh your look without any added water needed whenever, wherever. Limp locks at 5pm? Bed hair at 7am? Greasy roots at 7pm?

2. Multitask, everything.

The ultimate five-minute hair hacks, are the ones that eliminate the need for loads of different products, and the time it takes to apply and style each of them. The ultimate hair hero, Pantene Curl Affair Curl (Re)Shaping Cream contains Pro-V complex, argan oil and omega 9 and acts like a primer, shine-booster and frizz-fighter all in one, to deliver hydrated and defined resilient, touchable curls. It literally does everything. Apply when your hair is damp, to help shape your curls, or when the hair is dry to smooth split ends and for added polish. If you want effortless “I just woke up like this” hair, this is the secret.

3. Brush your hair before you shower to save time detangling knots

As weird as it may seem, brushing your hair before washing is the smoothest route to sleek strands. Instead of brushing from roots to ends, which can put unnecessary stress on hair follicles, start at the bottom and work your way upwards, brushing out knots and tangles gently as you go. If your hair is super tangled, or you’re worried about causing damage to sensitive locks, you can even condition before you shampoo and then again afterwards to assist a smooth glide through lengths.

4. Switch you part for volume

If you’ve worn your hair in the same parting since, “Ah, forever?,” there’s probably some tell-tale damage along the hairline. Those pesky baby hairs that keep poking up are your follicles way of telling you that it’s high time to change your part. Constantly wearing your hair in the same way causes wear and damage to that area which can lead to breakage. Once that happens you’re more likely to use heated tools to keep those flyaway hairs tame and flat, and in double time, the hair gets even weaker. Switching your parting is so good for the hair, and even better, adds instant volume as the roots are upright giving a tousled, fresh look.

5. Use styling products (as opposed to tools)

Modern life can often require a little leaning on your trusty hair dryer for salon-like results in minutes (or, at the very least, dry locks) but by now, we all know the damage caused by too much heat from our beloved hair tools. But thankfully, there are ways to style your hair that gives the hair a break between scorching temperatures, allowing it recover as well as to give you an opportunity to play with your natural texture. The first major sign of heat damage is frayed hair, so your first port of call is to start using your products that do more of the hard styling work for you. Call it a hair life hack, as this will also gain you an extra five minutes in bed. Instantly boost your waves back into shape with Pantene Curl Affair Curl (Re)Shaping Cream whose anti-frizz hydration lets you cheat that smooth tonged curl look, without any damaging heat. If you’re looking for relaxed undone hair, then Pantene Sweet Mess Texturizing Sugar Spray delivers. It’s perfectly imperfect, sexy hair in a bottle that gives that cool, just-got-out-of-bed-look in an instant.

Lock in your look with Pantene Never Stray No Crunch Hair Spray. With a blend of bamboo, silk, and Pro-V this lightweight hair spray is alcohol-free* and leaves your hair feeling weightless and looking shiny. To get a brushable hold you can glide your fingers through, that doesn’t get stuck or require hours with styling tools, this is the fast track to luscious locks.

6. Get beautiful hair while you sleep

The only thing better than products that make styling your hair a doddle are ones that do it while you aren’t even awake. Overnight hair masks and leave in conditioners make smooth, hydrated hair as easy as slipping under your duvet. While they do overtime on hydration, damage recovery and frizz protection, you wake up to hydrated ends and smooth locks.

Simply apply a generous handful of Pantene Repair & Protect Deep Repair Masque through the lengths of your hair before slipping into bed and wake up eight hours later to the smoothest strands of your life. Easy hair hacks? The easiest one you’ll ever hear is to get to catch some ZZZ’s.

*does not contain ethanol

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