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How to Fix Dry Hair? 10 Tips to Help Your Thirsty Tresses

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Dry hair can be a drag. Hair with split ends, frizz, and a dry scalp can be frustrating. But that doesn’t mean you need to live with damaged or dull hair. It just means it’s time to treat the damage – and we’ll tell you how! 

Why is your hair so dry? 

Dry and brittle hair can be caused by a good number of things. Here are a few to look into. 

The weather 

The weather can wreak havoc on your hair. In the winter, the cold and dry air will suck the moisture right out of your locks. In the summer, the hot sun and humidity can leave your hair weighed down and feeling like straw. 

The wrong kinda lovin’ 

Sometimes, we're just giving our hair the wrong kind of love. Products containing sulphates and parabens will strip the natural oils from the scalp producing dryness, so keep that in mind. Wash with the right shampoo for your hair type and don't shampoo too often!  

Too much sizzle, too little protection 

Hard truth: thermal damage is permanent and cannot be repaired. The high heat of the blow dryer or curling iron causes the cuticle to open up. Then, moisture escapes from your strands, leaving them dry and brittle. 

Keep that end game strong 

The ends of your hair are the first to go when your strands are dry. If you want to keep your ends looking luscious, you can use conditioners and masks. Apply them overnight for maximum conditioning power! 

How to fix dry hair 

You wanted it, you’ve got it. Here are 10 tips on how to hydrate hair.  

1. Give it gentle love 

Use a mild shampoo that is made for hydration. Look for shampoos that contain gentle cleansers. Better yet, you can even find options with natural ingredients. 

2. Just the scalp 

Focus on shampooing only your scalp – not the length of your hair. You’ll prevent yourself from over-drying those strands or hurting your ends in the process.

3. Colder is better 

Rinse your locks with cold water. It’s a great way to bring the shine back to dry and brittle hair. It temporarily shrinks the cuticle and helps to seal in moisture. 

4. Use leave-in conditioner 

Let it absorb into your hair between washes. It’ll do some serious work to hydrate and protect your hair – over an extended period. 

5. Mask up (not like that) 

One of the best tips on how to moisturise dry hair? Coat your locks by applying a hydrating mask to remedy dry hair once or twice a week. Use it on clean or wet hair. 

6. Hit the “cool” button 

The high heat from the blow dryer can be damaging, depending on your hair. But when using cool air, the cuticle is sealed to lock in moisture and create a smooth, shiny finish. 

7. Trim regularly 

How to treat dry hair? Trim off the ends! They’re the driest bits. Trimming regularly stops ends from getting super dry and brittle. 

8. Keep UV rays at bay 

Start using sunscreen on your hair, like you do on your skin. It keeps it from becoming dry and damaged by UV rays. SPF 15 protects most hair types from discolouring or drying out too much. Opt for something stronger like SPF 30 or even SPF 50 depending upon how long you're outside each day. 

9. Start oiling your hair 

When you apply oil to your hair, you're simply adding back the moisture that was lost when your hair was dehydrated in the first place. That said, it's important not to use too much. Apply just enough to dampen your strands and prevent breakage from occurring. 

10. What, no booze? 

When you need to hydrate, it helps to find hair products without alcohol in the ingredients. When your hair is already dry, it can strip away the oils in your hair leaving it dry, damaged, and brittle. 

We see shiny, soft hair in your near future. Keep a healthy routine going and dry, damaged hair can be a goner – for good. 

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