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How to Get Shiny Hair

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If there’s one thing that’s synonymous with hair that’s worthy of an advert or Instagram boomerang, it’s shine. Lustrous, light-reflecting tresses that a mirror would be jealous of.

But sometimes your hair just doesn’t seem to play ball and looks a bit dull and unhappy. So how do you get back this all-important shine, we hear you ask? Can you really learn how to get shiny hair?

Fear not, as we bring you a crash course in how to get shiny hair by adjusting a few easy steps in your routine. Let’s get cracking.

How to get shiny hair

Think about shiny surfaces; one thing they have in common is that they’re completely smooth and so light reflects off them easily. The same applies to your hair: hair that’s lacking in shine most likely does not have a smooth cuticle, be that from damage to the surface or lack of moisture. 

Fun fact: If you’re dark-haired, you’re at an advantage, as dark hair reflects light more easily than fair shades. This is down to the contrast between the dark shade and bright light. Combined with a powerful routine, your dark hair will look healthy and shiny as never before.

With all this in mind, keep reading for the tips, tricks and shiny hair products you need to reclaim your shine.

Get rid of any product build-up

First step first. You need to know that excess residue from product build-up is a key factor that can dull the surface of your hair, so it’s important to give it a really thorough, deep clean to keep those shine levels, shining. Once in a while, reach for our Micellar Cleanse & Nourish Shampoo to deeply cleanse your hair of build-up – also those from your styling products - and impurities while being gentle to hair & scalp so it doesn’t strip-off natural oils.

And when you’re not in need of a deep clean, go for a formula that’ll compliment your hair’s thickness – Defrizz & Illuminate or your hair’s thinness - Full and Vibrant. Shine bright!

Hydration is key!

We can’t stress this enough: Never skip conditioning step when you wash your hair. Even the finest of hair types need moisture, not just dry or thick hair, as it fills any gaps in the hair structure for a smoother surface, thus more shine.

A general rule to remember is that finer hair needs a light conditioner, while coarse or dry hair loves thicker moisture in regular conditioners and masks. Full & Vibrant Conditioner is the perfect match for fine types; also paraben free, it fights thinning hair while adding radiance to your colour to banish dullness.

Make sure you always rinse carefully and thoroughly to ensure no residue is left on your hair. It’s not scientifically proven, but lots of people find that rinsing out conditioner using cold water helps to seal the hair and bring more shine. Worth a try!

For extremely fine hair, there are a range of Pantene Foam Conditioners to suit all needs, including colour protection, volume and repair. If your hair is coloured, be sure to read our guide to prolonging your colour next. The foam formula is lightweight while ensuring the perfect level of moisture for your fine hair. Who said moisture had to mean weighed down hair?

If your hair needs extra moisture because of harsh weather or intensive heat styling, grab our Superfood 3 Minute Miracle to bring back that moisture it craves. As powerful as a deep treatment, it can be used as frequently as your regular conditioner. Don’t forget, if your hair is correctly moisturised, your cuticles are smooth and reflect light better, meaning extra shine!

Once a week, take some time out to really give your hair some self-care with a deep treatment – use the Defrizz & Illuminate mask weekly or whenever you feel your hair needs it for a luminosity boost.Week too busy for the full bath/Netflix/hair mask routine? Switch your regular mask for one of the Pantene Intense Rescue Shot Ampoules, single-dose treatments that get to work in just 60 seconds. Perfect for the shower! Read our guide on the dos and don’ts of deep conditioning next to really get this right.

And finally, to really combat dryness wherever possible, keep dry oil with you at all times to really top up moisture in the mid lengths and ends. Massage in a downwards motion from the mid lengths to those especially dry ends. Our Smooth & Sleek Dry Oil with Argan Oil can be applied to damp hair, but is also easily absorbable on dry hair with no greasy residue – perfect for on the go!

Style smart

For healthy hair that shines, it’s important to style in a way that’s not going to cause uneccessary damage to your hair. Style smart by being mindful of how you brush your hair – be gentle, use a natural bristled brush if you can and never brush your hair when it’s wet as it’s at its weakest. Using a hair brush with natural bristles, like a boar bristle brush, can help to bring out the natural texture in straight, wavy or curly hair without damaging it.

We’re not expecting you to forego your heat styling tools completely, but try cutting down on the heat where you can. Embracing your natural hair for a day or week by not straightening/curling and turning down the temperature on your hair dryer or styling tool are two things your hair will really thank you for. When you do use any form of heat on your hair, always shield it from possible damage by using some form of heat protection.

So, you see, the quest for shiny hair really doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might think – how to get shiny hair is much easier in reality: it’s about ensuring your cuticles are closed and aligned, that your hair strands are moisturised, and that your hair is protected from damage at all times! Make these quick and easy changes to your everyday haircare routine, and your hair will be shining bright like a diamond in no time at all.

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