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How To Get Stronger Hair In A Few Easy Steps

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Strong healthy hair is essentially hair that’s less prone to breakage – think soft, shiny and manageable with no roughness or dryness.

In your quest for knowing how to make hair strong it's important to know what causes damaged hair, what you should avoid doing to your hair and the things you can do to strengthen your hair going forwards. 

So, if you've desperately been searching for how to keep hair voluminous and strong, keep reading for the simple steps you can take for strong healthy hair.

What causes hair breakage?

So, what does unhealthy hair look like, exactly? If rough, frizzy texture, dryness, tangles and lots of split ends sound familiar, there’s a good chance your hair is on the damaged side. Hair breakage, the most extreme form of damage, can be caused by a number of factors, including the many styling options we have nowadays.

Bleaching and colouring your hair for example changes hair’s structure, leaving it more vulnerable to damage and looking and feeling significantly drier. Chemical straightening and perming also works by altering the structure of the hair, so that it can be reshaped, which leaves hair weaker.

Excessive heat – that’s all those hair dryers, curling wands, straighteners and rollers we love so much – also weakens the hair. Water inside your hair actually ‘cooks’ under heat, and that pressure can even cause your hair to pop open to allow the steam to escape. You guessed it, this leads to super dry hair, so you should always use heat protection before styling your hair.

So how can you transform your hair so that it’s as strong as possible in the face of damaging stressors? Keep reading for your ABC to strong hair.

How to make hair strong

Upgrade your washing routine for strong hair

Use a high conditioning shampoo to help protect your hair from stressors that may lead to breakage. If you need an easy change to your haircare routine, try Pantene Repair and Protect Shampoo to fortify your hair and reduce breakage levels*. The antioxidant-loaded formula fights development of porosity even in the inside of hair to retain its health and give you this shiny, bouncy hair you dream of. It’s the strong hair shampoo you’ve been looking for.

Paired with its sister Repair and Protect Conditioner that penetrates into the core of hair you’ll get deep repair from the inside out, and round-the-clock protection between washes. If that sounds too intense for your fine hair, there’s even an air-light Foam Conditioner version that will give your hair the perfect balance of moisture without weighing it down, paving the way for strong healthy hair.

If you need a little product to go a long way on thicker tresses, Pantene Smooth & Sleek Conditioner spreads across every strand for a deeply nourishing treat that’ll leave your hair frizz-free and strong.

You see? Every problem has a solution!

Invest your time in conditioning treatments

Conditioner reduces the friction in your hair by lubricating the cuticle, which helps to protect the inner core of your hair from irreversible damage.

Conditioner reduces the friction in your hair by lubricating the cuticle, which helps to protect the inner core of your hair from irreversible damage. Ultimately, hair that’s in good condition is smooth and manageable, and so a good conditioner is a must every time you wash for strong hair. 

Pantene Intense Rescue Shots contain concentrated hair-loving ingredients to fight damage in just 60 seconds. The best bit? There’s no fear of over-using product, as each tube contains just the right amount of treatment, and if you’re always on the go a hair ampoule** can easily be thrown in your overnight holdall or gym bag. Ideal!

If you feel your hair’s weak on a daily basis, it probably needs more regular care after each wash. Instead of your everyday conditioner, try adding Pantene 3 Minutes Miracle to your routine. It works exactly as a weekly treatment, but you can use it every day to ensure the perfect level of moisture throughout the week.

Wet hair? Step away from the brush!

We underestimate the damage caused by brushing our hair, but the repetitiveness is actually responsible for a lot of breakage – especially if your hair’s wet. Want to know how to get strong hair? Put the brush down. Here’s why…

Your hair swells when wet, rendering it weaker and more likely to break under the strain of a brush. Brushes have many teeth which are more likely to pull, stretch and strain the hair to the point of breaking. Ever tried using a brush on your skin, and hated it? Now imagine that on your poor hair! Instead, look for a wide-toothed comb and gently detangle by working your way up from the ends to the root.

You should not roughly towel dry your hair when it’s wet – it seems like the ‘healthier’ choice for your hair, but the force of it can cause hair to easily break too.

Want strong healthy hair? Don't play with fire!

… Not literally, of course. We’re talking about those beloved styling tools. If you want to have a great hair day, every day, it’s time to compromise. Nobody is expecting you to give up your precious hair dryer or straighteners, but you can turn down the heat. Adjusting the temperature setting will help to reduce the damage to your hair and help. It may take longer to style, but your hair health will thank you for it.

On a similar note, how you wear your hair can also impact your damage levels. Pulling your hair back into a topknot might feel like putting yourself into business mode or just hiding your 5pm flop, but doing this too often can strain and weaken parts of your hair over time. Sleeping with your hair up is a major no-no too, as you’ll cause tension and possible breakage in your hair. Making these mindful styling choices will definitely have a positive effect on your good hair days and strong, healthy hair.

Trim those ends on the regular

We know, we know, booking a haircut is the last thing you want to do when you’re growing your hair out. But nobody will notice a subtle trim and it’ll remove the driest parts of your hair, the ends, that have accumulated the most damage as they’ve grown over time.

Hair that’s trimmed more often is so much healthier.

Hair that’s trimmed more often is so much healthier, so pop in to your hairdresser for a brief trim every 6 to 8 weeks. You’ll thank yourself when you do, as your hair will grow so much stronger and longer. And that’s the end goal, are we right?

By making a few tweaks to your haircare routine today, you’ll be one step closer to the stronger, healthier-looking hair you’ve always wanted. Over to you!

*Compared to using non-conditioning shampoo
*Breakage caused by styling compared to non-conditioning shampoo

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