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How to Get Thicker Hair (And What Does It Mean?)

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Thick hair is the stuff of legends. It's something that people covet, and it's something that gets you noticed. But what does it mean to have thick hair? And how can you achieve this near-mythical status?

What does it mean to have thick hair?

Thick hair is when there are more strands of hair per square inch than thin hair. With thicker hair, you should be able to hold a style or shape without falling flat or looking limp.  

High density of hair and number of hair follicles is considered "thick hair" (not to be mistaken for coarse hair). It refers to the overall fullness of your head of hair. 

How do I know if I have thick hair?

How dense is your hair? Part it down the middle and let it fall to one side. If you can see through it easily, your hair’s thin. If you see hardly any of your scalp, you have thick locks. And if it's somewhere in between those two extremes… Well, that's medium-density hair! 

Here are some signs that you may have thick hair: 

  • Your hair can cover your entire scalp when wet 

  • Your hair has a lot of volume when dry 

  • Thick hair doesn’t tangle as easily as thin hair does 

  • Your hair feels heavy when it’s wet or dry 

5 ways to get thicker hair

There are ways to get thicker hair naturally and methods to create the appearance of a thicker mane. Let's check them out.

1. Shampoo properly

Focus on shampooing your scalp thoroughly. It helps remove dead skin cells, sebum and other impurities that can build up there.

Foam the shampoo to get deep into the scalp. This will open up the follicles, allowing more water and product to reach them. Then rinse thoroughly in cold water – hot water can strip essential oils from your hair.

Rinse carefully so products don't remain in your hair, causing buildup and clogged follicles.

2. Let the blood flow

Blood flow to the scalp is essential for hair growth. Try massaging the scalp with a warm towel before showering or bathing to encourage circulation.

Also, exercise helps your heart pump more blood throughout your body, including the scalp. This increase in blood flow can help thicken up the follicles and make your hair look fuller.

3. Use volumising hair products

These are designed to add body and bounce to your locks. They often include keratin to thicken fine strands, making it appear that you have a fuller head of hair. 
Dry shampoo is ideal for giving your locks some extra lift at the roots as well as removing any excess oil from your scalp so that your hair doesn't look greasy or flat. 
Another option is root booster spray which gives your roots a boost and helps them stand out more.  
Volumising mousse helps limp hair. Use a squirt before using heat-styling tools. 

4. Brush from ends to roots

It keeps breakage at bay since you're not tugging on the ends so much. If you're trying to grow out thinning ends and want to add some length, use a wide-tooth comb and brush through from the ends up with the grain of your hair. This will help keep those ends intact while they're growing out.

5. Can't go wrong with a proper cut

The right cut will help you get more volume and make your hair look thicker. Choose a cut that suits your face shape.

Get layers. Ask for layers that start at the tip of your chin or slightly higher up. This helps create movement and draws attention away from thin spots at the crown of your head.

6. Soft water is your ally

Soft water? It means that the minerals in your water are less concentrated than those in hard water. Hard water can dry out your hair as it strips away natural oils, making it feel dry and brittle – not ideal for healthy hair growth.

There are water filters you can buy for either your whole water system or even just attach to your shower head that will soften your water.

How to get your hair thicker is a journey – one that we're here for! Focus on keeping your locks and scalp healthy and you'll get there.

Do you want thicker hair? Start with our quiz to help you choose the most suitable hair products and start thickening!

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