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How to Moisturise Dry Hair

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Who wants hair that’s more parched than the Outback? (We love Australia, but that’s not a good look). From straightening to peroxiding, we put our hair through its paces – and the unpredictable weather certainly doesn’t help (curse you, wind, rain and humidity!).

How to moisturise dry hair

Dry hair not only looks damaged and less than gorgeous, it actually feels coarse and crispy to the touch. Ouch! While we love the feeling of that hot summer sun on our body (though always protected of course) our hair can’t show us when it’s too much of a good thing. And let’s be honest, you’ll probably pay for those extra minutes on the beach with frazzled, frizzy strands that are begging for moisture! Not catching any rays? Yeah, we’re afraid you’re not getting away that lightly, even the heat from radiators in the office, the air con in planes and most importantly the direct heat coming from your bi-weekly blow dry are the biggest culprits in creating that tangle you call hair right now. These dry hair causes are the things that lead you to search for dry hair treatments.

So, what to do for dry hair? First off, step away from the heated tools, for a moment at least while you make some reparations to your poor dry hair’s weakened locks. Whether that’s making minor changes to your styling routine, letting your hair dry once in a while or washing less often to avoid the blow dry, try switching up your regime to prioritise hair health. And, when you do use them, always use a heat protective product like Aussie SOS Heat Saviour Conditioning Spray. Enriched with antioxidant-rich Tasmanian Pepperberry, it gives hair hydration and acts as the ultimate heat shield. Powered by a multitude of conditioning ingredients, the primer forms a defensive barrier against the damage caused by hair straighteners, curlers and blow drys in order to prevent dry hair and breakage. The misty spray softens strands and replenishes moisture to help tame frizz for a healthy, smooth and sleek finish.

Dry hair remedy for extremely dry hair

How to moisturise dry hair is a constant quest as it’s inherently thirsty, often coarse, and difficult to manage. And when things get really bad, extremely dry hair just won’t hold a style at all. The reason? As the hair length gets weakened and damaged through daily wear and tear the cuticle itself begins to open up, becoming straw-like and losing its suppleness and flexibility.

What to do for dry hair: use a wide-toothed comb

Any hair is at its most vulnerable when it’s wet. And the potential for damage really accelerates if your wet hair is fine, curly or fragile. So, handle with care. Hair is more pliable when damp, but stretching still occurs which makes it vulnerable to break. So, always brush with a wide-toothed comb or your fingers, from the tips upward to avoid further damage to your delicate tresses.

Dry hair treatment: moisture, moisture, moisture!

It might seem obvious, but hydration comes in many forms and once you’ve eliminated the major culprits causing that extremely dry hair and damage, restoring your hair back its former glory is all about getting moisture back into your dry, dehydrated locks.

Any good haircare routine should start with a quality shampoo that provides ample moisture, without sulfates. Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo features a range of botanical ingredients that blend together to give hair the boost that it needs. With Australian Macadamia Nut Oil and aloe leaf juice that cleanse the hair as you wash all while repairing damage caused by the sun, chemicals and other environmental factors.

The ultimate dry hair remedy? Conditioner, in all it’s wonderful myriad forms. The inimitable thirst-quenching properties of this wonder-product make it the ultimate hair hero.

Hair masks are the crème de la crème of dry hair treatments. With high concentrations of restorative and deeply hydrating ingredients, like vitamins and oils, they penetrate more deeply into dry hair, filling in the gaps that develop on the surface. Whether it’s damage repair, deep conditioning or strengthening you’re after, Aussie SOS Moist Treatment Shot ticks the box. This perfect little package is the ultimate dry hair remedy, transforming dry, fragile hair into an enviously lustrous mane with this intensely hydrating moisture mask that fortifies from within and leaves hair feeling strong, shiny and well nourished. Formulated with antioxidant-rich fruit extract of Australian Lemon Myrtle, this reparative treatment will restore even the driest locks. And, it gets to work straight away, so you don’t have to hang about in the shower to get your glossiest locks yet.

Parched and dehydrated locks are just not the one. When you’ve got a bit more time give your dry hair a well-deserved drink with Aussie’s 3 Minute Miracle Moisture. It’s enriched with Australian Macadamia Nut Oil. The ultimate dry hair treatment this nourishing elixir gets to work in minutes to restore the hair’s hydration levels and natural vitality. Hair hydration at its best.

Consider thirsty hair a thing of the past. “What to do for dry hair?” call yourself an expert. Come get those shiny, silky, light-reflecting locks. Glossy, heavenly moisturised hair, here we come!

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