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Can You Recycle Shampoo Bottles?

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It’s a momentary feeling of sadness reaching the bottom of the bottle, knowing you’ve squeezed your hair’s BFF for every last drop and you need to replenish those haircare stocks.

If you’re new to recycling or an old hand and you’re keen to get the low down on Aussie’s bottles, we’ll show you how to recycle shampoo bottles in a few easy steps.

Can you recycle shampoo bottles?

Aaa-bsolutely! Our beige shampoo and conditioner bottles can be recycled, so when you’ve squeezed your Aussie fave for the very last drop, don’t be a wallaby and pop it in the right bin.

When you recycle shampoo bottles, oil and conditioning spray bottles, you’re doing your part to keep our planet as beautiful as those luscious locks.

But, ‘can you recycle shampoo bottles?’ isn’t he main question, because the answer’s generally a big yes. It’s knowing how that can differ from product-to-product. So, check the back of pack or take a look online to make sure you’re recycling shampoo bottles the right way.

How to recycle shampoo bottles?

With these quick and easy steps, you can make sure the right parts go to the right location. Get ready to get your recycle on!

Step 1.
Step numero uno when recycling shampoo bottles, or any other bottle, is to give it a good rinse to remove residue from the inside of the bottle.

Step 2.
Next up, remove the sleeve or label from the bottle and put the label in the bin.

Step 3.
Put it in the recycling bin… we told you this was going to be easy!

And you’re done, you aussome environmentalist! You’ve helped the process start all over again.

If you’re after something a little more satisfying from your Aussie fave’s bottle at end of life, why not get your craft on and create a plant holder or pencil organiser? The upcycling world is your oyster.

Now you have the lowdown on how to recycle shampoo bottles, make sure you continue the cycle and recycle. Want to read more on sustainability (aka being kind to the planet and all its inhabitants, big, small, furry and well, not furry)? Take a look at what Aussie’s doing to make sure we protect our animal friends, beaches and the Aussie outback.

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