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How to Repair Damaged Bleached Hair

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Bleach and your beloved locks? Yikes! Explore our Aussie wisdom on how to repair bleached, damaged hair in a few simple steps. Great hair, no worries!

We all love bleaching our beaming blonde locks, but crickey does it wreak havoc more than we’d like… Yikes! Getting your bleached tresses back to tip top condition is never a quick fix (a bit like your average trek in the Aussie outback) – it takes time. But you bet’cha bottom dollar it’s worth it in the end! We’ve got some Aussie wisdom in store for you, to put that OMG back in your bleached locks. Great hair… we’re coming for ya!

Can you repair bleached damaged hair?

Whether you’ve opted for platinum, silver or classic blonde – the damage has been done. But fear not! It’s not beyond repair. Bleaching in any situation is both an art and a science – way more complicated than your coffee order in the AM. Luckily, we've got the Aussie A-beauty secrets you need to repair and care for those bleached blonde locks.

So…what happens when you bleach your hair?

First stop for bleached hair: strands swell. While you might think this is the gateway to that va-va-voom you've always dreamed, we're sorry to say, it's a short-lived volume boost. Next stop, c’ya later melanin and the colour that once was! For this to happen, cuticles need to lift creating pourous looking and rough hair. The problem is, the more the cuticle opens, the more chance there is of damage and the irreversable split end. Bleach breaks into your hair shaft, weakening your strands but making them lighter and brighter as you wished. Talk about a love-hate relationship!

How to fix bleached hair

So, “how can I fix my bleached damaged locks” we hear you ask? Don’t jump on the urban legend of the avo and mayo combo just yet, we’ve got some secrets to share with you. With our Aussie wisdom, we’ll nurse your thirsty-looking locks back to full-health before you know it. You can thank us later!

The ultimate haircare guide for bleached hair

1. Stay clear of harsh shampoos.

Step away from the chemicals Aussie Deeep Moisture Shampoo, step away! Choose a shampoo that’s kind to your tender tresses, like our Aussie Deeep Moisture Shampoo, your locks will love you for it.

2. Keep straightening and blow drying to the minimum.

Hey, we’re not saying you have to stop styling all together, we’re just saying “turn down the heat” when you can. But when you do reach for the heat, be sure you’re equipped with SOS Heat Saviour Leave-on Spray to protect your locks.

3. Say yes to hair oils and conditioners every time.

When it comes to the hair benefits of these babies, the list is endless (like way longer than your fave rom-com). Among a few, moisture and hydration are top of that list. So, in times of need, grab any of Aussie's hair oils and serums or nourishing conditioners, you won’t regret it.

4. Deep conditioners!

We know you’ve got conditioner covered, but deep conditioner? It’s a must. Deep conditioners go way beyond the surface, it’s in the name. For the ultimate deep conditioner, think our Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deep Treatments, always.

5. Read on for more…

What’s the best treatments to use for bleached hair

Now you’ve got the down-low on how to fix bleached damaged hair nailed, we’ve got an extra step in store destined to take your locks from angelic to simply out-of-this-world. Shall we sign you up? These little miracle workers, come in the form of our Aussie SOS Treatment Shots. So if you’re looking to bring the moisture and shine back to your bleached damaged hair, look no further.

Should you use a hair treatment before or after you bleach it (or both)?

Answer: Both! Although it seems to slip through the net a little too often, getting your hair prepared for bleach is just as important as the post part (if not more)! Really, you want your locks to be as moist as an aussie rainforest, but let’s be realistic here. Good news is that our Aussie SOS Moisture Treatment Shot with Tasmanian Pepperberry delivers on moisture every time, and will ensure your tresses are prepared for whatever comes their way. When it comes to the aftermath, our Aussie SOS Repair Treatment Shot with Australian Caviar Lime will nourish your yearning locks back to life.

How often should you use hair treatments on bleach, damaged hair?

When it comes to applying our treatment shots to bleached, damaged hair, once or twice weekly will do the job. Go on try it, you’ll be singing “PRAISE THE LORD” before you know.

How long should you leave hair treatments on bleach, damaged hair?

Our Aussie SOS Treatment Shots smell so delicious you’ll want to leave them on for eternity, but they work in a heartbeat, so you can apply in place of your everyday conditioner or in addition to it. G’day great hair!So, there you have it, your A-Z on how to fix bleached, damaged hair with not a drop of mayo or avo in sight! Explore more of Aussie wisdom on the best treatments for damaged hair, if bleach damage isn’t your only hair concern. Great hair, no worries!

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