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How To Repair And Prevent Hair Damage

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Stressed strands getting you down? It’s funny how the things that make us happy – a fresh colour treatment and style – can cause us so much trouble.

We all love the fun of changing up our hair between straight and curly styles and playing with colour changes.

But with that miraculous transformation comes damage to hair's structure and loss of nutrients, leaving hair looking and feeling rough, dull and rigid.

If your hair is looking a little worse for wear, you’re not alone in your struggles – and, good news, there is something you can do about it.

Armed with the right products, it’s possible to fend off signs of hair damage so your locks are looking great once more. Keep reading for your guide to causes of hair damage, and how to repair and prevent it so that you can play, rescue and reset to your heart’s content.

What causes damaged hair?

A number of different factors can cause hair damage, most are to do with popular styling and lifestyle choices, like overusing hair straighteners and colouring your hair. Here are a few of the culprits:

Colouring hair

Long term, dyeing your hair has a damaging effect, but why?

Well, the chemicals used to change up your colour, impact the hair’s structure.

Hair dye changes the pH of the hair to allow the dye to take hold, while peroxides (bleach) removes your hair’s natural pigment to allow for the new colour. Yep, it’s as harsh as it sounds!

It goes without saying that these changes seriously dry out and weaken your hair.

Heat styling

Unfortunately, the high temperatures of those straighteners, hair dryers, curling wands and tongs we love so much result in heat damaged hair over time.

Sun, sea and the swimming pool

Three things we all love! Sadly, the sun, sea and fun of a swimming pool can stress out strands. Too much of those summer rays and you can wave goodbye to that fresh pre-holiday colour. While, chemicals found in the swimming pool and salt from the sea will leave your tresses gasping for hydration.

With so many different lifestyle factors wreaking havoc on our locks, how then do we get them back to their former glory?

How to repair damaged hair¹

A weekly treatment like a Pantene Pro-V Intense Rescue Shot ampoule is a great fix for over-processed hair

A weekly treatment like a Pantene Pro-V Intense Rescue Shot ampoule is a great fix for over-processed hair, heat damage¹, bleach damaged hair¹; you name it, a concentrated ampoule will help to fix it.

The brand’s most potent repair product yet, the concentrated ingredients are so absorbable that they soak into the hair in just 1 minute, leaving it silkier and smoother. Speedy stuff.

Enriched with lipids and anti-oxidants, each single dose tube contains a deeply nourishing Pro-V formula blend that targets the damaged areas, giving hair the flexibility and resilience, it needs to endure styling and environmental stresses. Meaning you get salon-like hair between professional treatments.

And, thanks to their quick treatment time, you can throw an ampoule or 2 in your gym bag or suitcase for a quick hair fix on the go.

How to prevent hair damage

So, you’ve finally revived your hair – now you need to know how to prevent future damage from ruining all your hard work.

Using a hair ampoule once a week will help you to maintain your hair’s health by smoothing the hair, therefore preventing damage¹

Using a hair ampoule once a week will help you to maintain your hair’s health by smoothing the hair, therefore preventing damage¹ you may acquire on the way.

A portrait of a girl with very curly dark hair smiling and showing her face towards the sun

Use weekly in place of our normal conditioner. Apply generously to fully saturate hair, root to tip. And don’t hold back – the product was formulated to prevent overdosing. One minute is all you need from start to rinse.

Rest assured with these extra steps and armed with regular treatments, your hair can become noticeably softer, shinier and stronger². It’s time for you to play, rescue and reset your hair.

¹ hair surface damage (or hair styling damage)
² Vs. use on non-conditioning shampoo only

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