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How To Repair Damaged Hair Fast

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Needing a hair fix pronto? No worries, we've got your back! Explore our Aussie wisdom on how to repair damaged hair fast. Go on, you won't regret it.

Someone signal SOS, ‘cause split ends are just the beginning when it comes to damaged hair. Brittle, broken, or bleached to the max, there often comes a time when your delicate locks are in desperate need of some instant lovin’. Problematic hair damage can creep up on you over time, and before you know it your mane is drier than the Australian outback. And you need hair repair – sharpish.

Damaged hair, what is it?

There are many ways your hair can suffer damage and it can often seem like an irreparable issue that you’re stuck with forever. Colouring, heated styling tools and harsh environments can all contribute to the weakening of the hair shaft, lifting the hair cuticle and leading to rapid and continuous loss of moisture. Panic!

Hair damage can also depend on your hair type, and the curly-haired of us often having more trouble with natural scalp oils finding their way to dry ends, for example. Frizz, split ends and dryness can build-up and you’re left feeling frustrated. But have no fear. No matter your hair type or damage suffered, we’ve got a hair repair remedy that’ll fix your prob, pronto.

What causes damaged hair and the solutions

On the go and need damage repair fast? Searching for a speedy solution? Look no further. It’s the Aussie SOS range coming straight to your rescue. Cue dramatic music! If you thought you need to leave a hair mask in your locks for an eternity to get great results, think again. Aussie delivers miraculous deep repair in as little as just a few secs with the SOS range. You read that right. Seconds. (gasp)

Damaged hair from heat

Does your mane feel fried, frazzled and lack-lustre? Have you fallen victim to excessive heat damage? Trust us, we’ve all been there. Almost every morning routine consists of some kind of hair styling ritual, whether that be with a hairdryer, straighteners or curling tongs, and this overexposure to excessive heat can dry out your strands and make your hair brittle and frayed. Don’t hang about. First of all, turn down the heat a little on those tongs to sustain your hair’s moisture. If it’s already too late - and you know you have no time to waste - then whoosh your locks back to A-star quality in next to no time with our SOS Moist Treatment Shot. Packed with Tasmanian Pepperberry to pepper your spirit and help rejuvenate those thirsty tresses in seconds, this mask will have you back to your glossy self in just a flash. Va-va-voom! It’s one of our best products to repair damaged hair, so make it a regular date to maintain that sought after moisture and nourishment. Can damaged hair be repaired? It sure can!

Damaged hair from colour or bleach

Colour damage can have your hair feeling overworked and worn out. Colour treated hair remains fragile because colouring and bleaching causes cuticles to lift. For hair colour to work properly, it must loosen the structural bonds of your hair. Once hair bonds become compromised, your hair is more susceptible to breakage, dryness and damage. Bleached yourself silly? No worries. We have the hair repair remedy. Bring back your sparkle with a fast and furious SOS Repair Treatment Shot. Feel the magic working in just a few seconds with its native Australian Caviar Lime goodness. Rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants, this baby will nurse your locks back to safety in just a hot sec. Pop it on and rinse it off. Pow! Just like that, she’s back in the game.

Environmental damage

Humidity, hot air and cold breezes are a whirlwind of bad news for your delicate strands. Your adventures into different environmental conditions can wreak havoc on your hair causing seemingly irreparable damage, leaving your locks lifeless and longing for some TLC. Is pesky Mother Nature the culprit? Fret no more, the SOS 3 Minute Miracle deep Treatment can bring back the oomph your locks once had. It says it all in the name, really. Just incorporate 3 minutes into your me-time to make way for this new lease of life to save the day. With an authentic Australian mix of Tasmanian Pepperberry for rich essential minerals, Lemon Myrtle, which helps to invigorate and strengthen strands and Caviar Lime, rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants, this supercharged hydrating formula will give your strands that much needed attention they deserve. Hooroo damaged hair!

Hair repair: maintenance and prevention

Repairing damaged hair fast is no easy feat and the many causes can make it difficult to know which solution is right for you. You don’t have to carve out precious time to get the nourishment your hair needs. These SOS Hair Masks packed with native Australian superfood are a fool-proof way to maintaining moisturised, replenished locks when you’ve been through one too many pairs of straighteners. It happens. We’ve been there. But with regular use or as just a one off you can help restore, revitalise and protect your hair from that pesky everyday damage that builds up in the blink of an eye. Fun and fast these deep treatments will be your new bestie, allowing you to live life rather than live with lifeless hair. Instant fix? We got your back!

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