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How to Strengthen Weak Hair

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Weak hair? Relax, and breathe. You’re in good hands now. Although weak, distressed hair can sometimes be hereditary, we often inflict our own damage onto our undeserving tresses. Colouring, straightening and heating our hair can leave it damaged and needy. But there’s no need to get stressed over fragile hair – with a healthy mix of the right nutrients and some TLC, it’ll soon be restored to its crowning glory.

If split ends and weak strands are causing you to ask, “how to stop my hair from breaking,” you’ve come to the right place. To work your healthiest and most hydrated hair yet, read on for how to prevent hair breakage at home.

How to stop hair breakage

How to strengthen weak hair roots, lengths and tips is simple really… Stop new damage in its tracks by avoiding unnecessary chemical processes, giving hair a break from heat damage and treating your tresses like the precious commodity that it is. Healthy hair can give you a bounce in your step and add a sashay to your swagger so wave goodbye to singed, sore strands and welcome back your shiniest, happiest hair imaginable.

Weak hair usually looks dry, brittle, and damaged. Caused by everything from excessive heat styling to too many chemical processes in a row, but help is at hand. There are easy routes as to how to stop hair breakage naturally but it takes commitment, and a regular dose of a conditioner. Nothing good ever came without a bit of work, right?

Weak hair? Kick the habit

Step one on your hair rehab is to assess the damage. How did you get here folks? It can be tough, but admitting the tress-damaging-truth is half the battle. Addicted to the straighteners? Shampooing every day? Break the habit and your hair will thank you for it, today and in the long term. A simple tweak to your everyday haircare routine could transform your weak hair into hair with bounce and prevent hair breakage.

When you cleanse your hair, it’s as much about the schedule of your routine as it is the products you use, so see if you might be able to eke out an extra day or two between washes in order to give your hair time to recover from the damaging effects of water and the heat often required to dry it. We wouldn’t ask you to go cold turkey on your beloved hot styling tools (trust us, we love a big and bouncy blowout, or super sleek look more than most) but go gently; lower the heat, rely on them less often and play with your natural texture where you can. Before long, your hair will recover, looking and feeling better than ever.

How to prevent hair breakage with an at home spa treatment

When your body and mind need a bit of R&R the ultimate sanctuary is the spa. Ahh, just feel the stress melt away when you think of the peace and quiet, the twinkling sounds and pampering treatments. Indulge yourself and those tresses to prevent hair breakage and help to strengthen weak hair. Make your bathroom your very own in-house spa with deeply restorative treatments that bring back the bounce and brilliance to your hair. With a DIY scalp massage, hair-hydration soak and intense treatment centre – just think of it as self-care for your hair! So, check your hair in to its own, personal Aussie spa – it’ll trot out totally transformed. We have a leave-in conditioner for every hair type waiting for you.

Set the scene The ultimate at home spa experience, starts with setting the scene right through to the products and tools that’ll rival a trip to your favourite ‘me-time’ destination. The quickest way to help you slip into a more serene state of mind is to start with lighting a candle. The flickering light and delicate fragrance is the first signal to switch off from the lure of your phone, laptop and daily life.

Tailor your treatments Tailor your own treatments to cleanse your scalp, hydrate hair, and encourage healthy, natural shine with extra strength and manageability. How to stop hair breakage is all about adding moisture; so start with a gentle nourishing cleanser like Aussie Kiss of Life Shampoo before indulging in deep conditioning treatments that you can leave on for as little or as long as you like.

If your hair’s been screaming, “Save me now!” it’ll love the Aussie SOS collection. Boosted with Australian superfruits such as Tasmanian Pepperberry and Lemon Myrtle it’s the ultimate solution for tresses in need of some TLC. Aussie SOS Revive Hair Cap and Mask is an ingenious all-in-one kit designed to strengthen damaged hair and leave it soft and smooth. Literally shampoo, massage in the indulgent pot of conditioning complex, pop the specially created shower cap on and let it do its work for ten minutes.

If you’re more of a super-speed spa girl, our Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor replenishes and reconditions thirsty damaged hair faster than you can do that complex seven-step skincare routine of yours. It’s the perfect deep treatment conditioner for strong hair. It features a blend of Australian Macadamia Nut Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, and Avocado Oil.

Whether you’re soaking in the bath, reading a book, or doing a quick at-home facial, don’t let distractions get in the way of a bit of well-deserved you-time. Your hair will thank you for it.

For more on how to stop hair breakage and treat damaged tresses, take a look at our haircare guides.

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