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Moisture vs. Moisturisation: The Truth About Dry Hair

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The more moisture your hair contains, the drier it can actually seem or feel. So now you’re thinking, how can that be?! It’s confusing, we know. As hair loses its natural moisturizers, it can absorb more water, faster - like a sponge. But too much water in your hair can actually be detrimental, causing it to feel dry and even look frizzy. So how do you tell the difference?

What your hair actually needs is moisturisation. It’s what’s required for locks to feel soft, smooth, hydrated. This means adding the moisturising elements found in effective shampoos and conditioners, much the same way we do in products we use for our face or body. To help, look for products with silicones and fatty alcohols, and search out terms like “lightweight moisture” or “intense moisturisation,” depending on what you think is right for your hair type. For ends that are dry, even if your roots aren’t, use a leave-in conditioner or serum on just the tips of your hair to avoid saturating the entire head.

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