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Tying Hair Up Will Reduce Dandruff

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Unlock the truth behind dandruff myths! Discover why tying up your hair won't necessarily banish flakes, but may simply make them less visible. Learn more about the real causes and treatments for dandruff here.

Fact or Fiction?

There are lots of myths about dandruff—what causes it, how to prevent it, and how to treat it. Dandruff stems from circumstances of the scalp, regardless of what is done to the hair after it has grown past the follicle. One of the myths about dandruff is that tying your hair up will help reduce dandruff. Although not a way to reduce dandruff, it may be less noticeable when hair has been tied up, as flakes may be less likely to fall through the hair and onto one’s clothes. This could be one contributing factor to this myth about dandruff. However, it has not been proven that wearing one’s hair in any particular style can truly reduce dandruff or the condition of dandruff.

Verdict: Fiction

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