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What Causes Brassy Hair?

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Nothing looks or feels as good as beautiful, vibrant, flowing manes and the last thing you need are brassy, orange tones ruining all your WOW looks. Is your blonde hair starting to develop brassy tones and longing for some TLC? Or your brunette locks developing unwanted shades of red, yellow or orange? No worries, we’ve got you covered!

Hair is very prone to the wears and tears of life and dyed locks are no exception. Too much sunshine and other extremes can cause underlying brassy tones to develop in brown and blonde hair. But no worries, all those unwanted hair tones can be neutralised with hair toner shampoo. The solution is on the way for brown colour treated locks, orange or yellow blonde hair or bleached blondes.

What are hair toners and how they help with brassiness?

Hair toner is designed to give your strands that extra shade they deserve, without permanently changing their colour. It adds tone to existing colours making them appear cooler.

Hair toners are commonly used on blonde or tinted brunette hair to neutralise any orange, brassy or yellow shades. They can also be used to get rid of warm tones from natural blonde tresses that has been “coloured” by the sun.

Is blue or purple shampoo a toner?

You see, blue or purple shampoos are not JUST shampoos, they’re the ideal blonde or brunette toners as well. Their specially chosen little beauties - natural pigments - work to neutralise the brassy mess on your head.

Just as all of the good stuff in purple shampoo can help brighten natural blonde hair by neutralising those unwelcome yellow tones, blue toner shampoo counteracts its range of opposite colours, ridding you of orange, red and brassy tones, making your hair free to look its best.

Say toodle-oo to brass and g'day to terrific toned tresses. Ace!

Blue toning shampoo for brunettes: moisturizing and 100% vegan

Cue the Aussie SOS Blue Shampoo (applause!). Just as our hydrating ripper purple shampoo for blondes, we are now bringing you the moisturising blue shampoo for brunettes. Infused with blue pigments, Aussie blue toning shampoo helps get rid of those brassy tones you don’t want, leaving you feeling and smelling A-mazing! Our blue shampoo is also 100% VEGAN, totally without animal derived ingredients or by-products. Bonzer news for brunettes in need of a boost of toning & vibrancy.

What more could you want, right? Well, definitely hydration that lasts! You’ve got it - boost moisture in one hit and hydrate thirsty locks with Aussie SOS Blue Shampoo. This kick (br)ass blue shampoo fights brassy tones and unwanted shades, leaving brunette hair from light to dark boosted, hydrated and extra vibrant! Woop! It's infused with amazing Australian superfoods. This brunette shampoo is a true saviour for dry and dull brown locks that’s crying out for help. Plus, did we mention it smells A-mazing?

Don’t let unsightly brassy hair tones ruin your fab new look. Make Aussie SOS Brunette Hydration Blue Shampoo or Aussie Blonde Hydration Vegan Purple Shampoo your go to hair toning solution for great results every time. Yay!

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