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How to Get Silver Hair

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Whether you’re already blonde and looking to turn those tresses next level white, or you’re looking for a full-head revamp, silver hair’s a cool look that’ll always be in style.

So, if you’re convinced it’s the look you’re after and you want to know how to get silver hair, right this way…

How to get silver hair

Silver blondes and shimmering greys are front and centre of hair trends and Instagram feeds this year; as a complete look or mixed with other colours or blonde hues.But it’s not an easy colour to obtain, and even more difficult to upkeep.Good news is, we have all the A-beauty secrets that’ll help you get the silver hair you’re after and maintain in. Read on!

How to get silver hair: preparation

Whether you choose to do this at home or at the salon, it’s incredibly important to make sure those tresses are in top shape. To get to silver, you’ll first need to bleach and the colouring process can be incredible harsh on hair. Even more so if tresses are dry or damaged to begin with.The chemicals used in bleach change the make-up of hair by lifting the outer cuticles so pigments within each strand can be lightened. This can cause hair to lose moisture and leave it feeling coarse if proper aftercare’s neglected. So, before you reach for the bleach, make sure your haircare routine’s filled with deeply nourishing and repairing treatments. Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor infused with Australian Macadamia Nut Oil’s a deep rescue conditioning treatment that can be left in tresses for as little as 3 minutes or as long as you like. Swap out your everyday conditioner a couple of times a week or use this wonder-worker as a hair oasis over the weekend.For more on how to look after bleached hair take a look at our little guide.

How to get silver hair: get the base colour right

How to make your hair silver isn’t as simple as reaching for the hair dye! Before you go silver, you must first go blonde. If you’re already there, Aussome! You can skip on down to the next section. The basis for a glistening silver is a nice light blonde foundation. So, you’ll need to pre-lighten with bleach.Silver’s a cool undertone, so key is to remove warmth from hair. This can be a longer process if you’re going from a darker colour with warmer undertones than if your hair’s lighter with naturally cooler undertones.

How to get silver hair: start clean

Use a gently cleansing shampoo pre-colour so strands are free from impurities and able to reap the benefits of the colour. Aussie Mega Shampoo helps to remove oil and grease from tresses with a gentle lather. Infused with authentic Australian Blue Mountain Eucalyptus Extract it’ll have those tresses perfectly prepped.With the right base colour and clean tresses, you’re ready to go! If this is a home job, read the instructions carefully. The process for how to get silver hair at home can differ slightly depending on your product of choice, so read everything thoroughly before you get started. A top tip is to start with clean, damp hair so the product spreads more easily and use petroleum jelly around your hairline to protect your skin. The rest will be in the pack instructions, so lay everything you need out first so you’re ready to go.

How to maintain silver hair

Keep those metallic hues bright and brass free with the right aftercare. Knowing how to keep silver hair brass free can save you trips to the salon and help you get the most out of your colour for longer. Luckily, how to maintain silver hair at home is easy! All you need is a purple shampoo…

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Cue our Aussie Blonde Hydration collection specially designed to help keep blonde and silver tresses top of their game. How to care for silver hair starts with a few changes to your haircare routine and the products within it…

So, kick-start your silver hair care with Aussie Blonde Hydration Purple Shampoo. This kick-brass purple shampoo neutralises brassy, yellow tones and leaves blonde and silver tresses hydrated and bright. A must-have in your silver hair care arsenal. Follow the shampoo with Aussie Blonde Hydration Conditioner to give those tresses a much-needed boost of hydration and shine.

For a truly hydrating treat, interchange your everyday conditioner with Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Blonde Deep Treatment infused with Australian Hemp Seed and Wild Plum Extract. Work into the lengths of hair post wash and leave for 3 minutes for deeply nourished and hydrated tresses that smell A-mazing! Silver hair care has never been so easy! (or smelt so good!)

Before you style, work a little Aussie Blonde Hydration Lightweight Oil into the lengths of tresses to help smooth the outer cuticle and give hair all-day hydration and protection against frizz. It will also give a shine boost – what’s not to love!

Now you’re a pro on how to care for silver, get more tips on how to look after bleached hair and how to get rid of brassy hair to maintain those silver hues, we’ve got that covered too!

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