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Best Leave in Conditioner to Repair Dry Hair

3 minutes

Desperate to give your hair a moisture boost? Top Aussie secrets to transform dry, damaged hair are just a scroll away.

Sometimes life happens and we don’t have time for long, complicated hair care routines. Next minute we catch a glimpse of stressed strands in our reflection and think, ‘crikey!’. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.Lucky for you, there's a new regime in town! Say goodbye to 10-step K-beauty and hello to A-beauty - effortlessly gorgeous hair quickly and effortlessly. It’s a miracle! (Actually, it’s just Aussie!).

Leave in conditioner for dry hair

If your strands are thirstier than a tourist lost in the outback and you’re searching for the best leave in conditioner for dry hair, try our Miracle Moist Leave-in Conditioning Spray. Your locks will love it!Infused with Aussie macadamia nut oil sourced from the arid regions of New South Wales on Australia’s east coast, this miracle ingredient combined with our conditioning agents is the moisture boost you’re looking for.Combined with our Miracle Moist Shampoo and then Miracle Moist Conditioner or 3 Minute Miracle Moist Deep Treatment (depending on how much of a treat your hair needs), those troubled tresses will be back to their bounciest best in no time (3 minutes to be exact!).

How to use leave in conditioner

If you're not sure how to use leave in conditioner, don’t worry, just follow these easy steps to give your hair a much-needed moisture boost with one of our miracle leave-in conditioner sprays;

  1. Spray at a distance of 10-20 cm onto wet or dry hair, focusing on the ends of your hair (where your hair’s driest, most prone to frizz, or most damaged)

  2. Brush your hair gently starting at the ends and work your way upwards

  3. Run your fingers through the hair and allow it to air dry

  4. Ready to face the day!

How to treat dry hair

Let’s be frank (that’s Aussie for honest), distressing dryness isn’t something that happens naturally. If you’ve subjected your tresses to more than they can handle, it’s time to treat them with care.

Here are a few tips so easy to follow, you can say hooroo to those dry hair hassles.

1. Don’t over-style. 

We’re all guilty of it. After all, an Aussie girl on the go always needs to look her best. But that's the brilliance of Aussie. It’s that effortless look, without the worries. Give your hair a break with our Reconstructor 3 Minute Miracle Deep Treatment. It’s the oh so sweet relief your hair’s been waiting for.

2. Dry hair naturally. 

We’re all about natural ingredients and minimal effort. If your hair's gasping for moisture, give it a break from the heat and let it dry out naturally. Add a little Aussie Miracle Lightweight Reconstructor Oil or a lighter leave in conditioner for dry hair, like our Aussie Leave-in Conditioner sprays that detangles the hair, helps fight the frizz and gives it a boost of fresh scent and moisture.

3. Treat your hair, often. 

Hair care routines don’t have to take up time. All our 3 Minute Miracle Deep Treatment workers give you the fix, without the hassle. So, if you want to know how to fix dry hair or you're searching for the best conditioner to moisturise hair, try our 3 Minute Miracle Moist with Australian Macadamia nut oil.

A-beauty secrets

So, want to know the secret to effortlessly gorgeous Aussie hair, everyday? Australian botanical ingredients sourced straight from the motherland!

Yep, all our products contain Australian botanical ingredients with amazing properties – combined with our miraculous conditioning agents they put the bounce back in even the most troubled tresses. Now, that’s aussome.

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