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Best Shampoo for Fine Hair

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Fine hair struggles don’t have to impact your everyday style. If you’re lusting after volume and a thicker-looking mane, we’ve got a few effortless A-beauty secrets from our friends down under that’ll transform those tresses. Don’t believe it can be done? Read on our fine-haired friends!

Fine hair might be something you’re born with, or it could be the result of years of salon visits, colour treatments and heat styling. Yep! All that time spent trying to achieve the perfect colour and style may have taken its toll on your beloved locks. But don’t panic, there’s good news… with a few inside tricks to repair and protect hair from damage, you and your hair can bounce back in glorious voluminous style. You little ripper!

We know, you know that we know it’s not as simple as one shampoo fits all. There are the fine-haired friends who have over-coloured, and some who have over-styled. Neither of which help the fine-haired situation.

If you’re looking for the best shampoo for fine hair, it’s good to understand what exactly your hair needs are. You see, there are a few options, each containing different ingredients and delivering different results. Don’t know where to start? No worries, we’ve put together a little guide on hair problems to help you better understand what you’re up against. If you have an idea, try one of these…

Best shampoo for fine, dry hair

If you have fine hair that needs some va-va-voom, we’ve created a formula using the best that nature has to offer – the Australian Kakadu plum.

Infused with the world’s greatest known source of vitamin C, our Aussie Aussome Volume collection has a shampoo to give fine locks the boost they deserve.

With 6 times the Vitamin C concentration of a blueberry and 100 times that of an orange (crikey!), this impressive little Australian native’s bursting with natural goodness.

Our Aussie Aussome Volume shampoo with Australian Kakadu plum is a shampoo for fine hair that helps de-stress strands, leaving your hair full of body and shine. Just massage into wet hair, then rinse out. Simple! And the best part? It’s free from parabens, silicones and colourants, so there’s more room for all of the good stuff!

Best shampoo for fine, colour treated hair

Colour-treated hair needs to be hydrated, but fine hair hates to be weighed down. Cue the Aussie Colour Mate Shampoo infused with Australian wild peach extract... mmmmmm peachy.

Rediscover that rich, gorgeous hue without compromising on volume. This Aussie gem gently cleanses strands to help protect coloured hair so it can stay as vibrant as you.

Best shampoo for fine, oily hair

Our Mega collection’s your everyday go-to for hair that needs to be cleansed, but doesn’t want to be weighted down. After bouncy, shiny, healthy-looking hair? This is the golden nugget. It’s for everyday cleaning that’s not so every day. Infused with Eucalyptus extract that’s sourced fresh from the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, Australia, it’ll rid your hair of oils and leave it bouncier than a wallaby gone walkabout. Aussome!

Make thin hair look thicker

Now you have the foundations sorted with the right shampoo for fine hair, we have a few more quick tricks to make hair look thicker. So, get ready to revamp your haircare routine with these little beauties!

  • Swap your conditioner for a lightweight option

We all know that good things come in twos and our Aussie Aussome Volume shampoo is no exception. Grab it’s mate, Aussie Aussome Volume Conditioner and apply a small coin size amount to the lengths of your hair, avoiding the roots. Conditioner’s a key player in your haircare routine because it hydrates hair and hydration is the foundation of healthier looking and feelings strands. A lightweight option is your best friend if you have fine hair because it won’t jeopardize volume gained from a cleansing shampoo. Our Aussie Volume Collection’s made light-weight formula is designed to be gentle, leaving hair voluminous.

A-beauty tip: Don’t skip the conditioner. A lack of moisture can cause hair damage, from frizz to split ends. Dry hair also struggles to hold colour treatments because the strands, depending on how damaged they are, absorb different amounts of the ingredients used during the process. So, the colour won’t distribute evenly or hold as long as healthier hair that’s well hydrated.

  • Try a conditioning spray

Give the ends of your hair a quick spritz with a light conditioning spray to make sure tresses stay in top shape. If your hair’s fine and thirstier than a tourist lost in the outback, a lightweight conditioning spray, like our Miracle Moist Conditioning Spray, is like an oasis. Infused with authentic Australian Macadamia Nut Oil, it’s the lightweight moisture bomb your fine hair’s been craving.

  • Use dry shampoo when styling

What did we do before dry shampoo?! It makes day 3 hair look like new, it’s a savior for people prone to oily roots and it’s a miracle worker for the fine-haired of us looking for a bit of body and volume. It’s the perfect way to give the illusion of thicker hair, even if you were born a little thinner on top. But don’t go overboard… think light feathery sprays and a little ruffle and style with your fingertips. Don’t think fire extinguisher. Spray a little of our Wash + Blow Boost Me Up Dry Shampoo after a cleanse and condition for a bit of boost to those roots.

  • Find the right hairspray

A volumising hairspray like our Uplift Your Hair Hairspray is the perfect way to seal the deal on thicker looking hair. We’ve cleansed, lightly conditioned and given our roots a little boost with some dry shampoo, it’s time to lock this baby down. Tip your head upside down and spray about 15-20cm away from the roots, using your fingertips to separate strands. Tip your head right way up and work your hair into the style you’re after, being careful not to flatten the roots too much.

Authentic australian ingredients

We love nature, every bit of it. From the depths of the ocean to the mountain tops. That’s why we put a little nature into every bottle, for shampoo and conditioner that’s naturally potent and a true-blue treat for the senses (and your hair!).

From the Australian quandong extract (wild peach) to Lemon Myrtle and Jojoba, we’ve put a little Australia into every bottle. All our products are infused with authentic Aussie ingredients, so we know how important it is to make sure these ingredients are there for generations to come. That’s why we partner with sustainable farmers who use traditional indigenous methods and hand harvesting where possible.

And every bottle is made from recycled plastic and is recyclable. So, when you’ve squeezed all of the goodness from inside, continue the cycle and recycle. Because we know that you know that we know, there’s more to life than hair.

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