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Hair Mask at Home

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Looking for things to do when you’re stuck at home? Why not treat yourself to a home pamper session with these Aussie hair masks that’ll transport you far far away. Yes – staycation is the new holiday! Read on to find out which hair mask at home is right for you.

Stuck at home – things to do

The best thing you can do for yourself if you’re stuck at home, is to look after yourself! Here are a few A-beauty tips to help you stay on top of your indoor game:

  • Start (or finish) that book! 

We’ve all got that one book we’ve been wanted to start (or finish) for what seems like an eternity. Now’s your chance! Cosy up and get into it.

  • Yoga. 

It’s the mind, body, spirit uplift that doesn’t require a lot of space. A morning or evening yoga session to wake up or wind down is the perfect little treat, and a healthy habit. New to yoga? Start small, you can find yoga sessions that take as little as 8 minutes online!

  • Learn something new. 

A language, an instrument… the options are endless. Take an online course and set yourself a 1-month challenge and see how far you can get with your new skill – nothing like goal setting to get you moving. And the best part if you can find an endless stream of classes online, so the hardest part’s choosing what you want to do!

  • Listen to podcasts. 

They’re a great way to explore known or new topics and discover new things to love

  • A head to toe pamper session. 

Everything from the hair on your head to the tips of your toes can do with a little attention. So, if you’re stuck at home and looking for things to do, start with a head to toe massage and weave in a mani/pedi, facial and deeply nourishing hair treatments.

  • Call that friend you have not been in touch for some time. 

Enjoy some quality time on the phone or in a video chat and catch up on the latest in your lives. You can even share beauty tips or stay at home hair hacks!

At home hair mask

Now, this is something we know a little about. One of the best things about home remedy hair masks is that you can get the job done while multitasking, or while taking a moment of calm. Everyone has their own reason for a pamper session, whether it’s to make themselves feel good and have a mental break, or to show those strands some much needed and deserved love and attention… maybe even both! Aussie’s at home hair masks can deliver A-mazing results in as little as 3 minutes, you can leave them in overnight. There’s a hair mask remedy to fit your plans and hair needs.

Hair mask for dry hair at home

If you’ve noticed your hair’s a little dry, or maybe it’s more than a little, get those statement PJs on, prep the binge-worthy series and settle in with our Moisture Paradise Hair Mask & Cap. It’ll look soooo good with those PJs. This miracle worker’s like a wave of hydration for hair. You know that unparalleled invigorating feeling that sweeps over you after a dip in the ocean? Give those strands the moisture boost they’re craving and that fresh feeling with this intensely hydrating formula infused with authentic Australian Balm Mint.You can’t go away right now? Australia is coming to you!

Thirsty for more? Spice up your home remedy hair mask with a little Australian Tasmanian Pepperberry. An indigenous superfood that’s rich in essential minerals that deeply repair.

You can find it in our SOS 3 Minute Miracle Deep Treatment Hair Mask. We also infused a little Lemon Myrtle to invigorate and help strengthen strands and Caviar Lime, an antioxidant and vitamin-rich native Australian treat from the outback.

If that didn’t quench your thirst, you can read more about the best hair mask for dry hair on our handy little guide.

At home hair mask for damaged hair

If it’s damage repair you’re seeking from your hair mask at home, we’ve got a few tricks to help you get your bounce back.

If you and your hair are at breaking point, inject it with our SOS Moist Treatment Shot the ultimate repair hair mask at home. It not only works as an intensely hydrating and reparative mask treatment, but you can also use it in place or addition to your everyday conditioner for a little ongoing care. All our hair masks and deep treatments are made with powerfully potent formulas that impact hair in as little as 3 minutes. But if you’re really feeling those relaxation vibes and have the time, you can leave the treatment in for 20+ minutes or even overnight! Now that’s what we call getting the job done with your eyes closed.

Of course, we know that you know there are many types and levels of hair damage. We also know the key to repair any type of damage is moisture. That’s why dry hair’s often one of first signs that those strands are calling out for help. All our at home hair masks and treatments are intensely hydrating, with a lightweight finish. No greasiness, no residue and no build-up. Just the good stuff.

Our signature damage repair secret weapon can be used as a hair mask or in addition to your everyday conditioner. Prayers answered. The 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor Deep Treatment fits perfectly into your routine, whatever it might be. And the best part? It’s infused with authentic Australian ingredients that’ll send you and your senses to a foreign land. You’ll find a little Australian Balm Mint in every bottle to help you unwind and your hair repair.

Craving more on hair masks for damaged hair? We’ve put together a few more of our favourites and some tips to get those strands back to their Aussie best. Curls be soft and bouncy, frizz be gone and strands be strong and nourished.

Top tip: Before any mask or deep treatment, use a clarifying shampoo like our Aussie Mega Shampoo to make sure there’s nothing standing in the way of those strands and the damage repair nutrients they need.

All our collections are tailored to different hair types and needs. Our hair masks and deep treatments are uniquely crafted using Australian botanical ingredients to intensely hydrate and help to repair hair. From the nourishing properties of Australian Macadamia Nut Oil, to the high-vitamin potency of the Kakadu Plum. You’ll love the smell and the results of these powerful concoctions.

So, whether it’s a Sunday session with all the pampering goodness that makes you happy, a revamped morning ritual or an evening de-stress, at home hair masks can instantly improve your mood and your hair. Marry any pamper scenario with our hair heroes and you’ll have a good time, with great results (PJs optional). If you’re looking for a few tips and tricks to make sure you and your hair get the most out of your staycation pampering, we’ve put together a little guide on how to use a hair mask that will help.

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