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Hair Masks for Damaged Hair

5 minutes

Hey, your beloved locks needing some TLC? Cue…Aussie! Discover our range of hair masks for damaged hair, you won't regret it. Great hair, no worries!

Think of hair like the skin on your body (a strange opening line, we know… but you’ll see where we’re going with it). If your face started to peal or show signs of ageing, you’d likely reach for an intensely nourishing and repairing moisturiser to help repair the surface and underlying layers. You might also avoid damage causing culprits and revamp your routine to help restore health and hydration. Treating damaged hair should be no different. Hair not only needs intense moisture, vitamins and antioxidants to repair and recover, but also to protect it from future damage.

Hair’s just as vulnerable as the surface of your skin. So, when you put a layer of sunscreen on your face and body (a must in the Aussie outback!), consider heat protectant for your hair as well. Overexposure to heat or Mother Nature can cause colour to fade, hair to dry out and damage to rear its head – particularly towards the ends of your hair. That’s because the longer your hair is, the older it is. So, the tips of your hair are the oldest and need more care and help getting moisture and nourishment. This is the case no matter your hair type, but it can be worse for the curly-haired of us. Damage to the ends and lengths of hair, including frizz and split ends, are a big worry for curly manes as the oils produced by the scalp find it harder to naturally move down the lengths of hair to the tips. It can still be a problem for the straight-haired of us, but the trouble seems to stem more from styling and exposure to heat as natural oils can more easily make their way from root to tip.

It’s time to say g’day to hair that can keep up with your pace of life and hooroo to damage. Let us be your khaki and cork hat-wearing tour guide (we might even learn a few things about the Aussie outback along the way!)

How to fix damaged hair

Depending on the type of damage, and severity, you might want to tackle it in different ways for optimum Aaawe-inspiring results.

• Colour and bleach damaged hair repair.

Bleached or colour-treated hair’s already fragile because the process used to change the colour of strands causes the cuticles to lift. You can cause a lot of damage with regular bleaching or colouring if you don’t follow up with the right care and repair regiment. Our signature mask is a super simple deep treatment that works to help reconstruct damaged hair. Use this supercharged formula in addition to your everyday conditioner until your hair feels back to its bounciest best. Work it into wet, clean hair, separating strands to make sure the mid-lengths to ends are covered and carry on with your morning or evening shower routine - 3 minutes later, you’re done! If you’re hair’s acting like a dowsing rod in search of water, leave this beauty in overnight, covering hair with a shower cap and let the magic happen with your eyes closed.

• Styling damage repair.

A familiar place for most, damage from those much-loved styling tools is a common hair hassle. No matter if you have curly, straight or kinky hair, sometimes heat tools are part of our morning styling ritual. But high heat can dry hair out and increase the chance of frizz or frayed ends. Before you put down the blowdryer, there are a few hair hacks – and an A-mazing hair mask for damaged hair – that’ll help you keep your relationship with those styling tools hot;

• Turn down the heat, just a little.

High heat evaporates moisture within strands and so dialling down the heat a smidge can make all the difference. Yes, that’s right! Styling tools have heat adjustment and a milder heat can deliver the same results without the damage.

• Use a deeply moisturising hair mask for damaged hair, often.

Hair that’s withstood a lot is gasping for moisture and our 3 Minute Miracle Moisture Deep Treatment’s just the thing. Damaged hair can be treated, you just need the right tools and methods at hand. Not to mention the right ingredients!

• Keep your hair mask in overnight.

If those strands need a pick me up and you need a lie down, apply the mask to wet, clean hair and leave it in overnight. Use a shower cap to keep it covered and you can even go over the cap with a hairdryer to help all those supercharged nutrients soak into strands.

• Environmental damage repair.

Did someone put out an SOS call for defenceless strands? This super shot works in a heartbeat in replacement or addition to your everyday conditioner, giving hair the protection it needs against the forces of Mother Nature. Hair can feel the effects of humidity, heat (remember that heat protectant) and cold conditions which can take those strands on a rollercoaster. The beauty of this super shot for damaged hair? It’s so simple and so powerful, it blends into your schedule repairing damage caused by Mother Nature and protecting hair from future damage.

Damaged hair treatment

Whether you’re short on time, on the move or you’re not sure what you need, we have more guides on the best hair masks to help those strands bounce back. If your hair’s thirstier than a wallaby gone walk about, our hair masks for dry hair will help those weary strands find their way back to the good life. Damaged hair struggling to be its best? We’ve selected our favourite hair masks and intense treatments for damaged hair.

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