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How to Choose The Right Shampoo For You

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Dry shampoo, clarifying shampoo, sulphate-free shampoo… There are so many options out there that the market can leave you questioning: what’s the best shampoo for me, really? Do they not all do the same overall job?

The truth is that matching your haircare products is essential for your hair’s optimum health, shine and manageability. You wouldn’t use a moisturiser for dry skin if you have oily skin, so we’re here to help you apply that same logic to your hair.

Remember that, to get the most out of your shampoo benefits, always use conditioner every time you wash. This will help to replenish any lost moisture and keep your hair healthy and soft.

To learn which shampoo is the best shampoo to use for your hair type and condition, keep reading for our guide to the right formulas for you.

Shampoo for fine hair seeking volume

Shampoos with conditioning agents are often too heavy for your hair type to handle and can end up weighing your hair down, leading to that flat appearance, or even a greasy feel after washing. The solution: our Volume & Body Shampoo, for hair that’s free of weighing-down ingredients. Pair with one of our foam conditioners for lightweight moisture to ensure the perfect level of nourishment without any heavy residue left behind.

To keep your hair free from build-up, use a clarifying shampoo, like our Micellar Cleanse & Nourish Shampoo, once a week to rid your hair of any styling residue as well as sebum and dirt. Your hair will feel super fresh and light as a feather afterwards!

Shampoo for dry and damaged looking hair

Not only is dry and damaged hair in desperate need of moisture (read more about how moisture helps damaged hair), but it also needs a dose of healthy nutrients to get it back on track. Moisture will help fighting breakage by filling the gaps in your hair’s structure. Working the inside health of your hair will result in a smoother surface that feels softer and looks shinier.

Our Repair & Protect Shampoo contains our signature Pro-Vitamin B5 and powerful nutrients to support hair’s health and strength. To maximise these results, power it up with our Repair & Protect 3 Minute Miracle, which offers the deep benefits of a treatment in the form of a regular conditioner; as the name suggests, three minutes is all you’ll need to reap its repairing benefits. Both combined, your hair will have a dual-defence against impurities while helping prevent damage at the core and surface of hair.

Shampoo for coloured or chemically-treated hair

Coloured hair presents an interesting conundrum: Although the obvious approach is to keep topping up your hair colour to ensure it always looks fresh and vibrant, the more you colour your hair, the less able it is to retain the colour. What’s more, the chemical processes involved in colouring put your hair’s structure under a lot of pressure, over time resulting in damage and dryness.

You therefore need a gentle cleansing shampoo that doesn’t strip the dye in your hair, helping to prolong its life. Enter our Colour Protect Shampoo and 3 Minute Miracle – in tandem these two will work to shield your beautiful colour while also delivering the essential moisture lost in the colouring process.

Purple shampoo for blonde hair

If you regularly colour your hair blonde, there’s an extra step to consider here: brassiness. You may find that over time, your hair takes on a yellowish colour that isn’t the true honey or ice blonde that your heart desires.

Use our Hair Biology Grey & Glowing Shampoo to deliver purple pigment to your hair and cancel out those yellow tones for a brighter, more vibrant blonde. Read our guide on what does purple shampoo do to better understand this blonde hair hero.

Shampoo for frizzy hair seeking smoothness

Frizzy hair is tricky one to navigate – it can feel like, whatever the weather, within minutes of leaving your home or stepping on public transport your hair has grown three times in size.

This is due to the lack of moisture in the core of hair that absorb humidity in the air to fill in the gap in the strands. It results in an unpredictable and unmanageable frizz. With that in mind, we have designed the Pantene Smooth & Sleek Shampoo that helps bringing nourishment and closing cuticles of your hair to get that smooth and shiny surface of your hair that you crave. Pair with the 3 Minute Miracle treatment conditioner to achieve moisture and smoothness. If your hair is very fine but still frizzy, swap for our Repair & Protect Foam Conditioner, for lightweight moisture with none of the weight. Read more about what causes frizzy hair next to better understand your hair type, and follow these 3 steps to fight frizz in your haircare routine.

Shampoo for weak hair seeking strength and body

Noticed your hair feeling more sparse than usual recently? If your hair is weak or thinning, our Pantene Hair Superfood Shampoo is the fortifying formula for you to help your hair get its strength back to grow stronger and longer in future. It’s a bit like drinking a green juice packed full of vitamins and goodness, but for your hair. Increase its benefits on your hair by using the Pantene Superfood 3 Minute Miracle, to help infuse your hair with a blend of key nutritive ingredients and conditioning agents.

Shampoo for thin curly hair

Fine curly hair is also prone to dryness and coarse hair, the level of moisture needed is lower as your fine hair will be weighted down if you over-moisturise it. The Repair & Protect Shampoo is your best bet for getting your mane of curls back on track; it’ll help to moisturise and protect your hair’s naturally dry structure for smoother and shinier curls3. Power up with the Repair & Protect 3 Minute Miracle, a deep treatment in the form of everyday conditioner, to take its strengthening benefits to the next level. If you’re searching for a lightweight option, give Pantene Repair & Protect Foam Conditioner a try. Its specially designed with fine hair in mind, giving it the right amount of nourishment without weighing it down or leaving residue.

Cleansing in between washes

Getting to clean hair doesn’t mean going back into the shower. Get ready to indulge between washes with our Waterless Collection, soon to launch in Europe. It’ll give you the fresh, clean look you want without the need for water. Get the most out of day 2 and 3 hair with our Dry Shampoo Foam to give those roots and lengths a snap refresh. The tapioca within this wonder-worker absorbs excess oil as you apply to your roots and work your way down to the ends, while the foam with pro-vitamin B5 and orchid flower water separates clumped hair. And it’s free from alcohol, parabens and sulfates! It leaves roots feeling fresh and dries in 60 seconds for a shower-like experience without the water! This new foam-form dry shampoo’s designed to delight curly hair, thick hair and fine hair as it doesn’t need to be brushed out, has the added quality of moisturising hair and has a featherweight finish.

There you have it, a deep dive into the different shampoos available for your hair concerns and how they can benefit you. Be sure to read our guide on how to shampoo your hair properly to ensure you’re getting the most out of your her shampoo.

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