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Purple Shampoo What It Is And How To Use It

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Brassy hair getting you down? You’re not alone - and, better yet, there’s a haircare product that can stop these yellow tones in their tracks.

Your hair is unique, so it’s important to treat its individual needs with the right regime, just as you would with your skincare routine.

Grey hair is much more susceptible to yellow-ness, as is blonde hair that is bleached and damaged, because both are drier and less able to withstand damage. But, did you know a purple shampoo can counter these brassier shades?

Armed with the right products, it’s possible to colour correct those unwanted yellow tones and instead get a radiant and shiny mane. Keep reading for why the best purple shampoo is the secret to brighter, whiter hair.

What does purple shampoo do?

So, how does purple shampoo work, we hear you ask? The technology of these unique formulas works on any existing yellow fibres, transforming them into whiter tones.

Purple shampoo works a bit like a corrector for your hair, in the same way that peach tones combat the appearance of dark circles under your eyes.

Purple shampoo works a bit like a corrector for your hair, in the same way that peach tones combat the appearance of dark circles under your eyes. The colour that is opposite to yellow in the colour wheel is purple, so this is the colour to use if you want to counter the yellowish tones on your hair.

Silk protein for silky hair

If your hair needs more glow and strength, a purple shampoo that contains hydrolyzed silk protein is for you. Silk protein, also known as silk amino acid, is extracted from silk and has a great ability to retain water, as it is known to retain 10,000 times its weight in water!

Silk proteins are known to moisturize the hair, prevent breakage and help repair damage. You will find these two benefits in the new Pantene Purple Shampoo Strength & AntiBrassiness: hydration and strengthening. This soft hair purple shampoo for bleached or highlighted hair, infused with vitamins, helps neutralize yellow tones and restore hair strength. And don’t forget to introduce Pantene Pro-V Miracles Color Damage Reverse shot into your hair routine. This coloured hair treatment helps repair the damage caused by highlights and bleach, transforming straw-like hair to silky soft hair in just 1 use.

The best hair products to tackle brassiness

As well as using the best purple shampoo for your hair type and colour, there are a few other products you can arm yourself with to ensure your hair is as bright and shiny as possible, not brassy.

Some form of heat protection is a must every single time you heat style your hair, whether that’s simply blow drying after a wash or full on straightening or curling several times a week. Excessive heat removes essential moisture from the hair, leaving it drier and more prone to breakage and split ends.

Heat damage is no match for our Pantene Gold Series Thermal Heat Protector infused with argan oil. As well as defending against the damage from high temperatures, it nourishes hair for a shiny mane and strengthens every strand to avoid breakage (strength against styling damage).

Finish off your look with a blast of Pantene Pro-V Ice Shine Hairspray to fix your style for hair that’s dazzlingly shiny, every single day.

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