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What is Blue Shampoo And How To Use It?

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Aussieland and the colour blue have lots in common. The world-famous Blue Mountains can be found in New South Wales. They’re covered in Eucalyptus trees (which we use in our shampoos, for delicious smells and hair!), and inhabited by true blue Australian natives like koalas, dingoes and kangaroos. But now blue and the Land Down Under have another thing in common. Let’s talk a bit more about blue shampoo and how it can help you get rid of unwanted brassy tones. Keep on reading to find out yet another A-beauty secret!

What is blue shampoo?

Let’s get down to it! Blue shampoo works against unwelcome copper and orange tones that colour treated brunettes need to keep resisting. It makes that fight much more even. You read that right! Blue shampoo contains blue pigments that are put into hair when you wash it. These little beauties help cancel out the brassy tones that appear when hair is lightened.

So, we’ve already established that blue shampoo is the best remedy for brassy hair and great for toning colour treated brunettes, but you’re still not 100% sure of how or what it does? Luckily for you and your precious locks, we’re here to help you find those answers and the brassy hair treatment that you’ve been looking for.

How does blue shampoo work?

Here’s a little blue shampoo cheat sheet that we’ve prepared for you that will help you become the best brown hair care expert in your shower!

When you lighten your hair with balayage, highlights or other colour treatments, your hair’s underlying, natural warm tones come to the surface, giving it an orange shade. Lucky for our locks, blue shampoo is here to put them back where they belong in no time.

Remember your colour wheel from art class in school? It shows opposing colours, like red and green, yellow and purple and the ones of most interest to us, blue (like blue shampoo) and orange (like copper hair). Did you know that opposing colours can cancel each other out? Just like purple shampoo neutralise brassy tones in blonde hair, the blue one works against orange and red shades on brown tresses. Pow! Just like that! That’s why blue shampoo works perfectly against brassy hair for brown haired girls.

The idea behind blue and purple shampoo is basically the same, combat unwanted tones with their opposite colours. It all boils down to whether your coloured hair is blonde or brown. Sounds simple, right?

Do I need blue shampoo?

Are you a brunette with highlights or balayage? Did you go for lighter brown hair but orange tones started appearing and now you want to get rid of those coppery shades? Then the answer is yes! You definitely need blue shampoo and you need it now! No worries, we've got your back!

How to use blue shampoo?

Let’s move to the best part, actually using blue shampoo. But not just any blue shampoo, say hello to your new colour saviour: Aussie SOS Brunette Hydration blue shampoo and its brunette hair care mates, conditioner and 3 Minute Miracle hair treatment. Thanks to all these you can now say goodbye to dry, faded brown hair.

Already in the shower? Aussome! Grab your Aussie blue shampoo, dab some on your hand (we really recommend smelling our Australian Plum & Manuka Leaf fragrance first to maximise your pleasure) and spread it evenly on your tresses. For a stronger effect, you can leave it in your hair for three minutes before rinsing. But don’t leave your shampoo for too long, it might darken your hair too much!

How often should I use blue shampoo?

Using blue shampoo once or twice a week is definitely enough to tone down brassy hair and add moisture. You don’t have to give up on washing your hair completely, just choose one of Aussie’s regular shampoos that best fits your needs as part of your regular brunette toning routine.

A-beauty tip: follow up with Aussie Brunette Hydration conditioner, the perfect accompaniment for blue shampoo to add even more moisture to your thirsty locks.

Does it seem like your hair still needs a miracle to shine again? Don’t you worry, grab some Brunette Hydration 3 Minute Miracle and you’re good to go!

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