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What Is Leave In Conditioner?

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Hair damage getting out of control? Cue leave in conditioner Find out what leave in conditioner does with our Aussie wisdom. Great hair, no worries!

What is leave in conditioner, and should you be using one? What do leave in conditioners actually do? Search no more. Aussie’s here to answer all your hair queries!

Wondering what all the fuss is about? Let us delve a little deeper in the conditioning world.

A leave in conditioner is the perfect tool to whip out when your strands need a little extra TLC. What’s the difference between a regular conditioner and a leave-in conditioner? Simply put, regular conditioner gets rinsed out your hair after you wash it. It protects your strands and leaves them healthy and moisturised.

A leave-in conditioner on the other hand has a whole host of added benefits, no matter your hair type. Removing the rinse out stage means it locks in extra moisture and allows your strands to soak up everything they need whilst you go about your day, let alone helping to detangle strands and make styling much easier.

So, what is the best leave in conditioner for my hair type? It all depends on one thing… Your strands. Are they lack-lustre, frizzy or dry? Once you can pinpoint the problem, Aussie has the solution!

Dry, parched hair

Hair can get super dry from excessive heat with styling tools, basking in the sun or lots of wind or dry air. It might also just be that your heritage has given you beautiful natural curls that are super difficult to keep hydrated. Some of these factors are inevitable, so it’s important than your hair routine pays attention to your parched locks.

If you’re sporting a head of afro curls that are spring tight, you’ll know more than any other hair type the importance of moisture. The tighter the spring, or more curved the hair’s structure, the more challenging it is for your hair’s natural moisture to travel down from the roots to the tips of your hair. So, you’ll really see and feel when hair’s dry and parched more often than others.

But, what do leave in conditioners do to those curls? Exactly what you need it to! Leave-in conditioners provide intense hydration to the most parched strands.

Quench those thirsty strands with Miracle Moist Leave-In Conditioning Spray. Infused with Australian Macadamia Nut Oil this wonder-in-a-bottle will help hydrate your locks and transform dry hair into nourished strands in a jiffy. This leave-in conditioner will give your hair the moisture it’s been lacking and jazz it up once again!

Alternatively, you can also leave our 3 Minute Miracle Deep Treatment Reconstructor for longer than 3 minutes or even over night for some extra leave-in benefits!

What does leave in conditioner do to lack-lustre, dull hair?

Hair may lose its oomph and become dull due to various conditions, both internal and external. Stress, vitamin deficiency, hard water or UV rays are prime causes for hair that appears dull and lack-lustre. On healthy hair, the cuticles lie smooth and flat – perfect for reflecting light and creating show-stopping shine. But with enough wear and tear, hair cuticles can become broken or shredded, leaving hair looking dismal.

Is your hair dull, tired and begging to shine? You need our miracle formula infused with Australian Ginseng Extract that will take dull hair to super shiny in minutes. What’s it called? Aussie Mega Smooth Hair Oil. Gimme!

You might also want to try our Aussie Mega Smooth Hair Oil or Scent-sational Conditioner Mist Shine when you need to add a bit of shine during the day or before a night out!

What is the best leave in conditioner for wild, frizzy hair?

Frizz is caused by hair that is dry and lacking in moisture. The cuticle ends up being rough, and when it’s humid, it’s the perfect recipe for frizz. If you wash your hair with super hot water, too, your hair may be going wild in protest. If you’re prone to frizz, you might want to try easing up on the heat.

Need a de-frizzer asap? The Aussie SOS Humidity Shield Leave-On Spray will tame even the wildest of manes. This frizz-master infused with Hemp Seed Extract leaves hair so smooth it should be illegal. If your hair needs to chill, this baby is for you. Make sure you’re spraying about 15cm away from your hair and spray evenly over your strands. Style your do and you’re good to go! The beast has been tamed.

What does leave in conditioner do to help every day wear and tear?

Sun damage, air pollution, chemical damage (we see you, blondie), the list goes on. Otherwise healthy hair can fall victim to damage, even if it’s not obvious at first sight. And what does damaged hair often result in? Knots, knots, knots.

But don’t fret. Bag some Miracle Hair Insurance Leave-In Detangler Conditioning Spray and never fight with a knot again. Infused with Australian Jojoba Oil, this detangler will transform tangled, unruly hair into silky smooth strands in just a flash. You won’t be able to hide it, you’ll be hair-flippin’ til your heart’s content!

Bonus: you are a Blondie? Why not try our latest addition to the leave-in family with the Blonde Hair Hydration Spray.

So, go on, treat your mane to a luscious leave-in conditioner that will bring your hair’s A-game back pronto. Now you know the answers to ‘what does leave in conditioner do?’ and ‘what is the best leave in conditioner for different hair needs and types?’. For more on the A-mazing benefits of hair conditioner, take a look at our little guide.

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