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Add Volume to Fine Hair

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We agree, some things in life are better flat: pancakes…yup, just pancakes. And certainly NOT your hair. We’re not sure what it is, but there something inimitably alluring about touchably big and bouncy hair that makes those of us with fine limp hair go green with envy. Supermodel strands or lank lacklustre locks? We know which we’d rather have.

It’s the absolute pits when you’ve picked out the perfect outfit, put on your face to perfection…and then have your whole vibe brought down by pancake-flat, dull hair. Even blow-drying and heaps of mousse don’t make a difference, and flat limp hair can really start to drag you down. It’s true that we’re not all blessed with a thick and full head of hair but that doesn’t mean that big, bouncy locks are reserved only for the lucky few. And, in fact, incredibly, those of us who appear to have less, actually have more strands growing than those with thicker hair, it’s just that ours are likely thinner in diameter. And when it comes to adding volume, bigger is most definitely better. But you knew that already didn’t you?

Limp hair: how to add volume

How to get volume in hair is a constant quest for people with fine, limp hair; whether it’s ruffling your hair upside down under the hand-dryer at work (the thing’s we’ll do!) to applying industrial amounts of hairspray in an attempt to maintain some uplift, hair that falls flat before you’ve had your morning latte is a daily frustration.The best products for limp hair that needs a little help with body and bounce, gently nourishing strands. Products that effectively cleanse the hair lengths so that it doesn’t get weighed down while imparting a healthy dose of lightweight nourishment. So, give limp hair a one-way ticket out of your life with the Aussie Aussome Volume Collection, which includes Aussie Aussome Volume Shampoo, and the perfect conditioner for hair volume. Infused with juicy Australian Plum Aussie Aussome Volume Conditioner’s head-turning fruity scent is entirely free from colourants. Amazing products enriched with Australian Hops Extract, what’s not to love?! Your locks will be full of body, bounce and va-va-volume. Ooh la la!

How to get volume in hair

Fine, limp hair is easily confused with hair that’s lost a little oomph, but they are not one and the same thing. All hair types can flat-line, but if your hair is fine, as opposed to coarse or thick, that’s simply your hair’s texture. Fine hair needs regular gentle cleansing to ensure the scalp is fresh and free from dirt and excess product, as it can look greasy and fall flat more easily the heavier it becomes. How to add volume to fine hair is all about adding lightweight ‘up-and-out’ texture at every step; body building shampoos and featherweight conditioners are your allies in the fight for full fat locks, but the next step is just as vital. While other hair types can be hit and miss with styling products without much effect, fine and thinner hair types rely on them to create and maintain shape and form. Here’s how to become a product pro.

Limp hair guide to volume: style right

Does your hair fall flat before you’ve left the front door? Look lifted until your morning latte and then look stuck to your scalp like strands of seaweed clinging to an ocean rock? We get it, the frustration is real, but it's also likely that your limp hair is all in how you're styling it.If you’re using the wrong types of products, or using them too much or too little it’s likely you’ll end up with hair that’s loses its life and lift at super speed. A fast-track to flat, limp hair. While thick hair types can get away with a heavy-handed approach to everything from shampoo and conditioner to styling products, for anyone with a tendency for lank locks, that product is just going to weigh your hair down. If bigger is better (which we can all agree it is, right?) then less is more. Make that your haircare mantra and volumised, long-lasting locks are coming right up. Add volume to fine hair by thinking light: lightweight products, light on product use.

Products for fine, limp hair

The 70’s and 80’s have a lot to answer for, but boy did they give us some incredible innovations. Mousse. And hairspray. If there’s two reasons to look back fondly at an era that fashion made famous but must have tortured so many tresses, it’s these two humble hair heroes. The look that lasted decades has evolved and today’s modern iterations offer a subtler way to high-rise hair that thankfully don’t strip, dry or tear out your tresses. There’s a reason that hairdressers will always use both when inflating fine, limp hair and that’s because they’re still the ultimate dynamic duo for every big and bouncy ‘do.

Mousse is one of the great, unsung heroes of the modern hair-styling world, long associated with that crispy, crunchy finish, it’s changed for the better. Just as our hair inspo has. But while today’s formulations remain the ultimate go-to for sky-high volume or swooshy curls, they're just as adept at giving texture to beachy waves or roughing up the roots of poker-straight styles. To add volume to fine hair, simply apply a golf ball sized dollop of mousse through lengths and either comb through or scrunch before drying. You’ll fall (but your hair won’t) for Aussie Uplift Your Hair Mousse. Boasting a weightless hold with conditioning and frizz-taming properties, it’s infused with vitamin and mineral rich Australian Sea Kelp that helps to mould and shape lacklustre limp locks with a thick, textured finish. Fine, limp hair will be a distant memory.

Everyone’s strands can suffer from the dreaded ‘stuck to the scalp flat- head,’ at some point, and for all of us mousse is the answer. The perfect base for every hairstyle it has magical, multi-tasking properties; wavy types get more tousled, curly girls gain definition and control while everyone’s tricky up-do’s get invisible hold. No more flat, limp hair. Not just useful for the big bouncy blow out (which we clearly adore) modern mousse is also the ultimate product for achieving a natural effect when air-drying, with more texture, fullness and enhanced natural movement.

Delivering maximum hold without weighing hair down, our favourite is Aussie Uplift Your Hair Hairspray. It literally creates an invisible infrastructure around volumised lengths and won’t let them down. You’ve worked too hard not to swish those strands. Infused with the same Aussie super seaweed extract, your style will move but at the end of the day brush out with ease.

In the fight against flat, limp hair, it’s a victory for volume.

For more Aussie A-beauty secrets to help those strands stand tall, take a look at our guide on the best shampoo for fine hair.

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