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How To Get Bouncy Hair

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Luscious hair with body, bounce and shine? Right this way our Aussie wanderers…

We all love a luscious bounce to hair, but how to get it? Bouncy hair isn’t always what we’re met with when we bounce out of bed. So, if you’re looking for top tips on how to get bouncy hair, you’ve come to the right place! For tresses with more bounce than a baby kangaroo, keep scrolling!

How to make hair bouncy

While we can all dream of tresses with natural bounce and shine, sometimes we need to enlist the help of a few A-beauty tricks for bouncy hair that puts pep back in your step.

Key to achieving that long sought-after bouncy hair effect’s making sure you’re equipped with the right products (and a few tricks!). For enviable bouncy hair, you’ll want to wrap those hands around products designed to help hair’s natural elasticity, smoothness and shine, while lifting the roots for added volume. With these products in your haircare routine you’ll be back in the bounce game in no time…

Volume-boosting shampoo and conditioner combo. You’ll need a few staples in your haircare collection to service voluminous roots and free-flowing tresses. Aussome Volume Shampoo with Australian Plum is a lightweight formula that’s free from silicones and colourants to help give you the volume you’re missing. For fine, flat hair that needs a little lift, use this in combination with Aussome Volume Conditioner worked into the lengths of tresses. If it’s bouncy hair you’re after, start with these basics so hair’s in top condition to achieve le bounce.

Lightweight oil. Keep flyaways at bay and give tresses added shine with a lightweight oil that helps illuminate the appearance of bouncy hair. Aussie Mega Smooth Hair Oil is infused with authentic Australian Hemp Seed Extract to calm frizz and flyaways without the added weight. Apply a small amount to the ends and lengths of tresses post wash on damp or dry hair. Et voila!

Hairspray with flexible hold. Fix your style in place with a lightweight, flexible hold hairspray that promotes movement. Uplift your Hair Hairspray with Australian Sea Kelp is just the volume buddy you need here. For hair that moves like a breeze without the flyaways, give tresses a light spritz and you’re good to go.

Treat tresses with a hair mask once a week at least. If your hair’s dry, damaged or prone to breakage, fast-track repair with a deeply nourishing and repairing hair mask to bring back shine and natural bounce. SOS Revive Hair Mask & Cap is a deep conditioning mask that’ll virtually transport you and your tresses to the land down under. Your hair will be left with that winning holiday feeling, looking beautifully healthy and smooth. Perfect partner for a night in!

Now you have the basics in hand, there are a few more A-beauty tips for effortlessly bouncy tresses, no matter the length of hair you have to work with. Whether it’s short bouncy hair or long bouncy hair you dream of, just see what works for you!

6 hair hacks for bouncy hair

The methods to get bouncy hair if you’re mane’s on the shorter side are a little different to ladies and gents with longer tresses. There are a few more techniques for long bouncy hair, simply because there’s more to work with. But no matter which bucket you fall into, try these hair hacks to get voluminous roots and bouncy lengths:

Flip your part. Bouncy hair can be as easy as flipping your part. This is a great way to add the appearance of layers, giving a little more body to one side and lift at the roots.

Hot rollers. Curls are a great way to give hair that bouncy look, so try using hot rollers to add layers and movement to your style. Secure the look in place with a loose-hold hairspray (cue Aussie’ Uplift your Hair Hairspray) for free-flowing tresses that bounce.

Layers. Layers can add the appearance of volume, so if your hair’s on the thinner side, it’s a great hair hack to get you closer to the bouncy hair you’re after. Just ask your hairdresser next time.

Blow dry. We’ve all been there, fresh out of the hair salon with washed, treated and blow-dried tresses. The bounce achieved is second to none. So, if you’re in need of bouncy hair for a special occasion or weekend outing, style hair with a blow dryer and work in a wave to give hair that bouncy look.

Get a trim. Healthy hair’s key to bounce, so commit to tidying those ends with a trim to rid those locks of split ends. You might prevent split ends with regular deep treatments such as Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor Deep Treatment – worth a try!

Style right. Bouncy hair doesn’t have to be styled down, you can achieve bounce with a ponytail as well. So, if you have the length, try for a high pony and work a little oil into ends for that glossy finish and smooth ends.

And there you have it, bouncy hair with minimal effort – it’s the A-beauty way! For more tips on how to get volume in hair or Aussie hair hacks, take a look at our handy little guides.

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