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How to Get Volume in Hair

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Is voluminous hair your ultimate hair goal? If you’re feeling a bit flat and wondering how to add volume to hair, our Aussie wisdom will come in handy.

Who doesn’t dream of big, bouncy, voluminous hair? If you’re feeling a bit flat and wondering how to add volume to hair, you’ve come to the right place.

Sometimes your strands can lack that bubbly bounce we all crave. Grease, thin hair, a bad styling routine or using the wrong products can all leave hair looking dull and flat. Grease is often the main culprit when it comes to lifeless hair because the evil combo of humidity, dirt and natural oils when you’re out and about can weigh down your tresses.

Seeking ways to get volume in hair? Follow our very own hair volume tips and soon you won’t be able to stop heads from turning.

1. Use a volume-building shampoo

Lots of shampoo formulas can weigh down your hair, which is why it’s super important to have a regular revitalising wash routine with a shampoo specifically designed to add lift. And we have just the thing to leave a spring in your step. The Aussome Volume collection does exactly what it says on the tin, giving you and your hair the body and bounce you deserve.
So, pump up the volume with Aussie Aussome Volume Shampoo for fuller, bouncier hair. The lightweight formula packed with juicy Australian Plum extracts will help you achieve your wildest hair dreams. Massage into your roots to give them extra lift and work up a glorious lather. For extra Omph wash your hair upside down to lift roots during your shower moment. Rinse it out when you’re done and be prepared for fullness and body like you’ve never known before!

2. Add a lightweight volumizing conditioner

To top off your wash routine, avoid the heavy stuff and opt for a volumizing conditioner designed specifically to boost and lift your strands. Go big or go home with Aussie’s Aussome Volume Conditioner infused with Australian Plum extracts and let this Aussome formula help keep your hair big and your smile bigger. Smooth a little of this luscious conditioner through the ends of your tresses after shampooing, leave in a moment, have a boogie and then rinse out. For the conditioner step, feel free to do it also upside down for added volume! Cue feeling super smug! Did we mention it also smells divine? A treat for your hair and your senses!

3. Use a volumising deep-treatment for extra TLC

Have you got fine hair with strands as thin as your patience? While it can be much easier to manage fine hair, it can tend to leave you lacking that much-needed bounce that naturally textured hair can offer.
Bigger is better with Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Volume hair treatment: infused with antioxidant-rich Kakadu Plum it gives hair a nourishing boost without weighing it down. A couple of times a week, swap your conditioner for this deep treatment. Wash your hair as usual, then apply a splodge in the shower, let it work its magic and then rinse baby, rinse! All in just 3 minutes. Yes, 3!

4. Blow-dry upside down.

That’s right, upside down. Styling hair can feel like a minefield of rules and hidden secrets but for fine, flat hair needing a little lift, this simple trick is the best shortcut to a voluminous do. After washing and much-needed deep treatments, use a small amount of Aussie’s Uplift Your Hair Mousse in towel dry hair before hanging your head upside down. This works because your roots are now automatically lifting off your scalp, which is exactly how you want them to dry. Blow dry your strands like this and when you come back up to standing, your hair will have a new shape full of va-va-volume.

5. Hold it all in place with an uplifting hairspray

And hold! Don’t forget to keep all this hard work in place. There’s nothing worse than going to the effort of a full wash and styling routine just to have your do blown over by Mother Nature. Aussie’s Uplift Your Hair Hairspray will keep the boom in your bonnet after styling, the Australian Sea Kelp Extract in this luscious spray is taken from a seaweed believed to have skin-softening properties. Ultimate hair volume and soft tresses. Wowza!

If you have fine hair needing a little lift, these hair volume tips will ensure your hair never falls flat again. Now that’s Aussome! If you’re battling tresses on the thinner side and you’re searching for a shampoo for fine hair, we’ve put together a little guide to help!

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