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How to Get Beach Hair

3 minutes

Want beach hair with no beach in sight? No worries! This quick and easy guide will have people thinking the surf was up.

It’s about more than beach waves, it’s about creating that effortless look like we’ve spent the day on a beach in the sun. Lucky for us, beach curls and a wavy, tousled look are surprisingly easy to replicate without the main ingredient - a beach.

So, want to know how to get beach wavy hair? Right this way…

How to get beach waves

There are different ways to get the look of salty, sun-kissed locks. But this one’s so easy you can do it with your eyes closed!

Let the magic happen while you sleep with this overnight method to beach curls and waves.

  1. Before you go to bed, wash your hair with our Beach Mate shampoo or Miracle Moist shampoo and soak in that heavenly scent, working into a lather from root to tip.

  2. Follow up with a moisture-rich treat to help those waves stay in place. You don’t want anything that’s too heavy or designed for straight strands. That’s why our Beach Mate conditioner and our Miracle Moist conditioner is infused with Australian Macadamia Nut Oil for a moisture boost that doesn’t weigh you down. If your hair needs an extra treat let those strands soak up the nutrients from our 3 Minute Miracle Beach Waves Deep Treatment or 3 Minute Miracle Moist Deep Treatment. A deeply nourishing treat for breezy beach hair.

  3. When you’re all done and smelling a treat, gently towel dry your hair.

  4. Turn up the curl with our hair mousse to get those strands beach wave ready. Put a little in the palm of your hand, spread across both hands and scrunch your hair.

  5. Scrunch your hair into a messy bun and tie it into place or pin it if those strands are short.

  6. Hit the hay!

When you wake up, let your hair down and give those waves a touch up with our Miracle Beach Waves spray. It’ll give you a matt, textured, tousled style that looks like it’s straight off the beach. Use your fingers to separate curls as you spray.

If you want a little more definition, go over some strands with a curling wand or find out how to style wavy hair.

Top tips for beach waves

There are a few things to look out for to make sure you end up with that straight off the beach look. Follow these tips and the beach curls you’re after are just a sleep away.

Don’t over style. Adding too much product, like hairspray, will jeopardise the look of natural beach waves. The overnight mousse should be just enough to keep those waves in place.

Don’t skip the moisture. Conditioning treatments are important for soft and breezy beach waves. If you skip the moisture boost, you might end up having to fight the frizz.

Don’t over curl. Beach waves aren’t meant to be well-defined. We’re after loose, wavy tresses.

Don’t tie your hair too tight. If it’s tied too tightly, you might end up with hair tie marks.

Don’t brush your hair. If you brush your hair, you risk losing those overnight beach waves. Remember, nobody brushes their hair straight after a dip in the ocean!

And there you have it, effortless beach hair that’s ready for anything.

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