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How to Style Wavy Hair

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Whether you’re craving beach waves or you want to maintain a natural curl, here are a few wavy hair styling tips that’ll manoeuvre you through everything from humidity to the challenge of making those waves last.

How to get wavy hair

Nailing effortless beach waves every time can be tricky. If you’re struggling to get it down to a fine art, don’t worry! We’ve got some styling tips that’ll have you saying “you little ripper!” (Australian for that’s really great!).

So, let’s hop to it…

How to get beach waves without heat

If you’re an A-beauty fan and looking for a no-fuss effortless way to get equally effortless-looking waves, this is the method for you:

  • before you go to bed, wash your hair using our limited-edition Beach Mate collection

  • give it a good dry with a towel

  • add Aussie Turn up the Curl Mousse and distribute evenly in hair

  • tie or pin into a messy bun

  • sleep well!

In the morning, let your hair down and give it a shake. Use a little more mousse or styling spray if needed. Voila! Overnight beach waves.

If you have the time to spare and don’t mind a little more effort, try this:

  • section clean, dry hair

  • tightly twist a section at a time

  • slowly glide over the twist with hair straighteners

  • spray with Uplift your Hair Hairspray to hold the look in place

We’ve got a few more Aussie A-beauty secrets on how to get beach hair, so no matter what the occasion, you’ll be beach wave ready.

How to care for wavy hair

Now you’ve got the wavy hair style down, it’s time to think about maintenance. After all, caring for wavy hair is important to make sure those curls last. So, how do you make sure your hair stays in top shape?

There are 2 common issues we face with wavy hair – frizz and making sure the curls last. The good news is, we know the solution to both – moisture. Moisture is crucial for waves that hold and don’t succumb to frizz.

Maintain a good moisture balance with our Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo and Aussie Miracle Moist Conditioner. For a deeply nourishing treat in just 3 minutes, follow up with our 3 Minute Miracle Moisture Deep Treatment. If your hair’s still suffering from frizz, our Calm the Frizz collection will help you regain control. Infused with Hemp Seed Extract, this collection refreshes your hair and leaves it beautifully smooth and nourished, not frizzy.

Want to upgrade from wavy hair to curly hair? We’ve put together a few more tips on how to care for curly hair to help.

Authentic australian ingredients

All our products are infused with authentic Australian botanical ingredients for hair that looks and feels A-mazing (and smells a treat!).

Farmed using traditional indigenous methods and hand-harvested where possible, we want to make sure the ingredients we use are there for generations to come. Read our brand soul story to find out more about what we stand for, and what we don’t.

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