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How to Get Wavy Hair

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Want wavy hair that lasts? If you’re not sure how to create wavy hair that’ll stay that way from morning through to night, we’ve got a few Australian A-beauty secrets that could help.

Turn up the heat on those straighteners and curling tongs, things are about to get wavy. We’ve put together a few A-beauty tips that’ll leave your hair effortlessly styled.

How to get wavy hair

Here are 3 super simple ways to get the wavy hair you want. Before you get started, make sure your hair’s dry and apply a protective product, like one of our Aussie Conditioning Leave-In conditioners so your hair’s well protected.

1. Curling tongs. 

One of the most effective ways to get wavy hair is with curling tongs. Just remember, the bigger the barrel, the looser the curls. So, if you’re looking for an effortless tussled look like you’re fresh off the beach (even if you’re miles from it), get the beach curls you’re after with a big-barrelled curling iron (used on dry hair). The second thing is to make sure you don’t leave your hair wrapped around the tongs too long, otherwise you’ll cause more damage than good. Around 10 seconds or less is a good amount of time.

2. Hair straighteners. 

Just twist the straighteners in the direction you want the curls to go. Start from the top and slowly pull/twist away from your head so the strands glide through. The bigger the chunk of hair you work with, the looser the waves.

3. Natural method. 

Not sure how to get wavy hair overnight? No worries. Wash your hair before you go to bed, towel dry, then tie it in a messy bun. When you wake up - effortless beach hair. Give it a spritz with our Aussie Beach Waves Texturising Sea Salt Spray with Australian sea kelp extract to sea-l the deal!

Want more tips? Lucky we’ve put together a guide on how to get beach hair.

Now you know how to make your hair wavy, here’s how to make the look last...

Lightweight conditioner. A top tip for curls that last is to make sure hair’s well hydrated, but not weighed down. So, pick up a bottle of our Aussie Miracle Moist Conditioning Spray with Australian Ginseng Extract. It’s paraben, silicone and colourant free, meaning it’s full of the good stuff, with none of the things you don’t like. Not sure what the best lightweight conditioner is for your hair type and needs? We’ve got you covered.

Setting clips. Once you’ve styled, whether it’s with a big-barrelled curling iron or you’ve made the most of your hair straighteners, set those waves in place with setting clips. Setting clips are strong and stay in place without leaving imprints on your hair like tradition hair clips might. They’re light weight and because of that, they create less pull. Perfect for letting those waves set.

Frizz protection. The last little step to wavy hair that lasts is to make sure you know how to get rid of frizzy hair so those freshly styled tresses aren’t compromised. Hold it all in place with our Aussie Turn Up the Curl Mousse with wild cherry bark extract. Voila!

Australian botanical ingredients

All our products are infused with authentic Australian ingredients. Like our Aussie Miracle Moist collection infused with Australian Macadamia Nut Oil. It’ll give your hair the moisture boost it needs for wavy hair that lasts.

Kick things off by cleansing those strands to remove dirt and oils with our Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo. Massage into wet hair, then rinse out. Simple! Follow up with our Aussie Miracle Moist Conditioner for the ultimate moisture boost. If you want an extra special treat, our Aussie Miracle Moist 3 Minute Miracle Deep Treatment special formula will save your hair from despair and give you wave-ready hair in just 3 minutes. Aussome.

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