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Extremely Dry Hair: Products To Help With Hair Dryness

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Dry hair is a common problem that can appear for a variety of different reasons. It can develop if hair does not receive enough moisture or loses too much. The end result? Hair that looks dull and frizzy, that has lost all its natural shine. It can affect both men and women at any time of life and is more likely to develop as you age.

Keep reading to find out how to deal with extremely dry hair and what exactly causes hair dryness.

What exactly is dry hair?

Healthy hair contains natural oils that help protect the inner layers of our follicles. This oil is what gives your hair that great shiny, lustrous look we all love. When this oil is not present, the layers break down, exposing hair to damage and making it look dull and drab. That’s the last thing we need!

What causes dry, brittle hair?

Different factors can have a damaging effects on your locks, leading to dry and brittle hair. These include hair care habits, environmental conditions and general health.

Hairstyling and blow drying

Sometimes, the culprit can be easy to identify and directly result from how we treat our hair. Using harsh shampoos, conditioners, styling products or washing your hair too often can have a negative effect and weaken the hair. Dyeing your hair or exposing it to direct heat from curling irons or straighteners may also cause damage. Even blow-drying regularly can stress your tresses and drastically reduce moisture.

Exposure to heat

How and where we live can also hurt our hair. Hot, dry climates can wreck havoc with hair, as can overexposure to the sun or very windy conditions. Even healthy activities like swimming can knock back our hair, with chlorinated or saltwater washing away all those natural oils.

Health and diet

Overall body health can also affect your hair. Malnourishment or undernourishment can result in a lack of essential vitamins needed for healthy hair growth. Hormonal problems can also be a factor, with dry brittle hair often being one of the first symptoms of the condition.

Read more about what causes dry hair.

Our top 5 dry hair care products for very dry hair

Dry and brittle hair can be tackled by choosing the right hydration products. Our Hydra Glow products are here for you to target that dryness and bring back the shine! Trust the experts: all Hydra Glow products are tested and confirmed by the Swiss Vitamin Institute.

1. Moisturising shampoo for lasting hydration

Hydrate your hair with this nourishing, moisturising shampoo, infused with a special formula of Biotin, Baobab Essence and Pro-Vitamin B5 to boost your hair for that natural-looking healthy shine.

Hydra Glow Quenching Shampoo with Biotin and Baobab Essence has agentle, but effective formula which leaves hair looking and feeling great, without stripping it of natural oils. Free from sulphates, surfactants and parabens, it’s the natural way for glowing hair.

2. Intense hydrating sorbet mask

Feel the difference with our Intense Hydration Surge Sorbet Hair Mask for dry hair, infused with Biotin, Baobab Essence and Pro-Vitamin B5 that can transform dry, brittle hair into hair bouncing full of natural shine.

Massage the hydration mask well into your hair. Leave it on for 1-3 minutes to do its magic, intensively moisturising every strand of hair, smoothing surfaces to ensure a healthy glowing shine!

3. Quenching hair conditioner

Feel the glow with our Hydra Glow Quenching Hair Conditioner infused with Biotin and Baobab essence from African savannah's "tree of life". Transform chronically dry hair into moisturised hair with a healthy shine without weighing it down. Turn that drab dry hair into silky smooth and shiny. Our moisturising conditioner formula is tailored to protect, repair and transform even chronically dry hair.

4. Dry hair serum for dry ends

Repair broken and dry ends with our Milk to Water Serum Thirsty Ends Quencher, hair serum for dry hair. Bring the shine back with this specially tailored formula infused with Biotin, Baobab Essence and Pro-Vitamin B9.

Just dispense the serum into your hand and apply it to wet or dry hair. Leave it to quench your hair's thirst, moisturising damaged ends, filling them full of nutrients. No rinsing! Our hydrating serum can help bring hair back to life, glowing with health.

5. Overnight serum for damaged hair

The ultra-moisturising overnight serum has a nutrient-rich formula with Biotin and Baobab Extract, Hyaluronic Acid and Pro-V that provides nourishing all night long hair care that can repair 7 days of damage in just 8 hours. Now you can enjoy your beauty sleep and wake up to softer, hydrated and visibly repaired hair.

Voila! This is how you can moisturise and revitalise your hair and let it glow.

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