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Hair Masks for Curly Hair

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Curls in need of some serious care? Get the low down on hair masks for curly hair that'll have them back to their bouncy, shiny best in no time!

Best hair mask for curly hair

Curly hair woes? If you (and your hair) are at breaking point, you’ve landed in the right place. If you once had hair bouncier than a wallaby gone walkabout, or you simply dream of the day, there’s one thing that can give you and your curly hair back that sought-after bounce – a deeply nourishing treatment with hydrating properties.

Every hair type has its own battles, but the curly-haired of us have more than most. Curly hair needs a gentle hair solution that won’t strip strands of natural oils, but will move moisture all the way from root to tip – not much to ask, right? Good news our curly-haired friends, we’ve got just the thing… AAA-llelujah! Pondering what exactly makes a good hair mask for curly hair? Read on our Aussie wanderers…

Curly hair treatment for smooth and hydrated strands

The trick with curly hair is that the structure of strands makes it tricky for the hair’s natural oils to work their own way down to the ends. Think of curly hair as being the city street map with twists, turns, one-way streets and many, many roundabouts to slow the flow. Straight hair’s the grid-like city scape with uninterrupted stretches of road that allow for easy navigation. If these two hair types were Australian cities, curly would be Sydney’s curvy and unpredictable (sometimes frustrating) roads where moisture can get lost, while straight down the line would be Melbourne where moisture can make it from A to B fairly easily.

Because the hair types are so dissimilar, there’s no one fits all solution. Curly hair needs more moisture towards the tips, because that’s where it lacks support naturally. Straight hair’s woes differ and vary, from a lack of volume and thickness, to breakage from colouring and styling. There’s no doubt the most common curly hair battle is an even spread of moisture to maintain strong and healthy hair from root to tip. The reduced moisture levels toward the ends of hair can leave it vulnerable to damage or fraying (like split ends), which is why an intensely hydrating hair mask is the way to go.

The remedy? Our 3 Minute Miracle Moisture Hair Mask infused with Australian Macadamia Nut Oil is perfectly designed to hydrate hair. The uniquely crafted concoction uses authentic Australian ingredients known for their nourishing properties to ensure every strand (and every part of it) feels the love. It’s an intensely nourishing treatment with a lightweight result that leaves hair feeling nourished and stronger than a kangaroo’s tail.

A dollop of our 3 Minute Miracle Moisture Hair Mask will prove it’s a miracle-worker. Spread through the mid-lengths to the ends of wet hair and watch as those tresses are brought back from the depths of despair. The best part? It takes very little effort. Applying this sweet-smelling beauty to wet hair helps it spread easily across strands, which means big results. Leave for a few minutes or keep it in overnight. Whatever suits your needs and your lifestyle (sounds nice, doesn’t it?). Relax, you and those troubled tresses are in good hands.

How do you use a hair mask for curly hair?

Applying hair masks to wet hair allow for a more even spread of the product. But there’s more to it than a damp mop (that’s “wet hair” in the motherland). Here are a few tips to make sure you’re getting the most of that moisture!

  • Tip 1: Make sure your hair’s thoroughly cleansed using a purifying shampoo, like our Mega Shampoo infused with Australian Blue Mountain Eucalyptus, before you apply your hair mask. Think of it like washing your face thoroughly before a face mask. You wouldn’t apply a face mask on the top of makeup or a dirty face, so don’t apply a hair mask over the top of styling products on hair that’s not been treated to a washed. A thorough cleanse with a purifying shampoo before you mask is guaranteed to ensure the nourishing properties of your mask penetrate those strands. If applied to unwashed hair, it’s like you’re creating roadblocks (yep, that old street map analogy still applies!) for the ingredients your hair desperately needs.

  • Tip 2: Heat things up a little with some steam and your best shower cap (this is a safe place, free of judgement). If you’re using a deeply nourishing treatment for those dry ends or frizz-prone tresses, like our 3 Minute Miracle Calm the Frizz Hair Mask, apply to wet hair that’s reaped the benefits of shower steam. The steam helps open pores and acts like a prep step to the mask. Once the mask’s applied, slip on that statement shower cap, covering all strands, and let the ingredients work their magic.

  • Tip 3: A mask rich in moisture doesn’t have a time limit. It’s built to work around you and your lifestyle. The beauty of our 3 Minute Miracle Moisture Hair Mask is that it deeply penetrates troubled tresses in as little as 3 minutes. That said, it also helps to leave it in overnight. Minimal effort, maximum results. It’s the A-beauty way!

Whether it’s Friday night and Netflix is on the agenda or you need a quick-fix before you hit the town, Aussie hair masks for curly hair are super hydrating and the perfect partner in crime.

Are hair masks good for curly hair?

Hair masks provide the intense moisture and deeply nourishing ingredients that curly hair desperately needs. If you combine the natural struggles of curly hair in getting moisture from root to tip with pollution and Mother Nature, you’ll find it’s a recipe for frizzy, dry and dull-looking tresses. But it’s not a recipe for complete disaster, with the help of a few miracle workers. Cue hair masks.

Hair masks are like a super powerful conditioner that intensely penetrates hair to ensure it gets the moisture and protective nutrients it needs. Hair masks work wonders on all hair types, but it the mask you use does make a difference to the results you’re after.

Hair masks designed for curly hair aim to detangle, de-frizz and rehydrate without leaving your hair feeling heavy and flat. Specially formulated with curl-supporting ingredients, our 3 Minute Miracle Calm the Frizz Hair Mask is infused with Australian Hemp Seed Extract to calm things down and lift you up (figuratively). This instant deep repair is powered with a supercharged formula for curly hair. Feel special? You will after you’ve tried it!

Our 3 Minute Miracle Calm the Frizz Hair Mask’s a hydration hose for hair. Frizz is what happens when hair is so dehydrated it grasps for water molecules that fill the air. A humid environment is when you’ll feel (and see) it most, because damaged or dry hair is more porous, allowing it to soak in more moisture from the air. Well hydrated and healthy hair is less porous, so strands can lock in as much moisture as it needs without having to seek hydration or overcompensate. If the struggle with frizz is real, ramp up the treatments using our 3 Minute Miracle Calm the Frizz Hair Mask to show your love to those strands and hooroo to that frizz (aka goodbye in Aussie land).

Another little gem’s our SOS Frizz Shot infused with native Australian Caviar Lime. If you feel you need to hit the reset button on your hair’s hydration, reach for this wonder-worker. Once a week will do the trick to help hair bounce back to its curliest best.

Read more about how to care for curly hair with our expert guide for natural, healthy-looking curls with bounce.

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