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How to Use Hair Oil

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Heard of hair oil, but not quite sure how to navigate the scene? How to use hair oil can differ depending on whether you’re applying to dry or wet hair, or even the reason you’re using it. It can protect hair from frizz, reinvigorate shine, hydrate and smooth ends. Yep, hair oil’s a versatile little addition to any haircare arsenal. For more on how to apply oil to hair, keep scrolling!

Did someone say versatile? Yes, this is simply what your average hair oil embodies. From the finishing touch to your blow-dry to the undisputed detangler for curly strands when your hair is still wet, hair oil has its purpose for pretty much every hair type. A hair oil treatment helps to moisturise and hydrate thirsty strands. It also helps to provide protection against damage caused by blow dryers or styling tools and external environmental factors.

“How does it achieve this genius?” we hear you ask. Hair oil works to lubricate the outer cuticle of thirsty strands, providing intense moisture so hair’s stronger, shinier and softer. What more could you want, right?

“Do I need hair oil?” another question we see burning on your lips (or fingers here!). The recruitment of hair oil is necessary if you have naturally dry hair, your strands have been stripped of their natural moisture from too frequent shampooing, or perhaps your hair has fallen victim to chemical or colour damage - both very drying acts for tender tresses. If any of above scenarios sound familiar, it’s time to reach for the hair oil.

“But how do I use hair oil?” is debatably the most important question you may ask. The uses of hair oil are endless; however it is the application that is intrinsic to its success. Wizen up on how exactly to use hair oil with our Aussie wisdom, we talk the techniques, measurements and timings required for each hair type. You’ll be fluent in how to apply hair oil in no time at all!

How to apply hair oil – wet hair

Is au naturel more your style? Applying hair oil to wet hair helps to detangle knotted strands and provide heat defence against damaged caused by styling. Think of hair oil as an extra preventative measure in caring for your hair. Sound right for you? Follow these steps to tangle-less tresses:

  1. Wash your hair, following the usual routine. For very damaged tresses in the depths of despair, try Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor Deep Treatment.

  2. Towel-dry your hair carefully – you might even want to try drying it with a microfiber towel or cotton T-shirt to reduce further risk of hair breakage

  3. Pour a couple of pumps, aka a 5 pence coin-sized amount of 3 Miracle Oil Reconstructor hair oil treatment onto hands and spread through the palms (use a little more if needed)

  4. Make sure you massage with your fingertips, starting from your ends working your way through to your mid length. Be sure to never rub your hair with your palms as it can cause undesired hair breakage. No need to apply to your roots, unless you’re after the extra greasy look!

  5. Allow strands to air-dry as Aussie nature intended – or use a blow-dryer in lower temperature if you need to help nature.

  6. Leave your hair to revel in all its glory! Repeat with each wash!

Top tip: A slick-back pony, braids or any other form of tight hairstyles are a firm no-no just after you applied hair oil. Tresses are tender straight after application. Tight hairstyles add unwarranted tension to strands and can lead to further hair breakage, or even split ends. In order to keep hair breakage at bay, opt for a loose bun, the less restricting the style the better.

Hair oil uses – dry hair

Looking to add that extra va-va-voom to your evening up-do? *Cue hair oil* Applying oil to dry hair is a smart choice when looking to achieve the ultimate shine factor, whilst simultaneously providing added protection against UV rays and the effects of pollution. Wondering how to apply hair oil on dry hair? Right this way for Aussie wisdom…

  1. Style hair as desired: beach waves, blow-dry or a slick-back pony - take your pick!

  2. Pump a few pumps, aka 5 pence coin-sized amount of Aussie Mega Smooth Hair Oil onto the palms of your hands and rub together so that heat is created

  3. Gently work the hair oil from the mid-lengths to the ends, avoiding the roots (this can make the perfect up-do appear greasy, which isn’t desirable)

  4. Leave your tresses to revel in their glory!

Top tip: If you’re using a hair oil, then stick with it and avoid layering it with any other products such as a hairspray or dry shampoo, they don’t mix! These products tend to alter hair’s texture making it rougher and lacklustre, whilst hair oil conversely works to soften strands and add shine (the opposite effect).

How to use hair oil – frizzy hair

Every curly headed person, requires a hair oil to tame that frizz. Hair oil provides added moisture to coiled strands and strengthens them by deeply penetrating the hair shaft. Sound like a hair treatment right up your street? Follow these steps on how to use hair oil on frizzy hair, you can thank us later!

  1. Wash your hair, following your usual agenda. For frizzy hair that’s tricky to tame, try adding Aussie Calm the Frizz Collection to your haircare routine

  2. Towel-dry your hair with microfiber towel or a cotton T-shirt to limit friction which can create frizzy hair

  3. Pour a coin-sized amount of Aussie Mega Smooth Hair Oil on your palms and rub it focusing only on the dry ends of your hair

  4. Keep scrunching your curls for around 2-3 minutes. Do this with your head upside-down, as this adds more volume to your magnificent mane

  5. Air-dry your hair as Aussie nature intended – and keep scrunching

  6. Allow your strands to revel in all their glory! Repeat with every wash!

Top tip: When using hair oil on curly hair, always work your way from the bottom upwards. We say this because, natural oils produced on your scalp such as sebum is what helps to hydrate strands and eliminate the dreaded frizz. For straight-haired people this is not an issue, as these natural oils spread down the shaft with a simple brush of strands. For curly-haired people, unfortunately this is not the case, as it’s tricky for natural oils to work their way through the spirals. When using hair oil, working your way from bottom to top, ensures that hair oil is spread across the length of strands. Shiny, frizz-free hair? You’ve got it!

How much hair oil to use?

“How much hair oil is too much?” the FAQ of all time when it comes to hair oil. The amount of hair oil required is completely dependent on your type and hair condition, it’s not simply a one size fits all agenda. It can range from 1 to 5 pumps, but you’ll never know until you’ve assessed the situation yourself.

When applying hair oil, it is best to assess the situation one pump at a time, distributing liquid evenly as you go. Always bear in mind to use it sparingly, the desired effect is for strands to be coated not drowned in hair oil. After all, more oil means in turn using more shampoo, which can lead to stripping strands of natural oils and moisture, leaving tresses thirstier than they were prior to the hair oil treatment.

So now you’re well-versed in how to use hair oil, it’s your time to shine! Delve a little deeper in the benefits of hair oil to become the ultimate beacon of hair oil knowledge. Remember these changes unfortunately don’t happen overnight – be sure to use a hair oil from 1-5 times a week (depending on your hairs’ needs), the drier your strands the more frequent oiling required. Consistent, long-term use will result in shining, hydrated and healthy hair. What are you waiting for? Go and get great hair!

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