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Leave In Conditioner For Curly Hair

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Wondering what products to use for curly hair that’s prone to frizz, dryness and damage (not to mention everyday hair struggles the curly-haired of us face)? If leave-in conditioner’s not already part of your curly-hair care arsenal, here’s why it should be….

What to use for curly, frizzy hair

The tangled nests of hair that curls achieve are second to none. Nope - those long, straight strands wouldn’t dare to compare.

The severe lack of moisture at the ends is because the scalp’s natural oils get stuck somewhere between the roots and, well, not far from the roots. All because the coils are like a roadmap where hydration gets lost...

Hydration’s a problem, which means frizz is also a problem.

We know, you know all about those struggles. The effort put into perfecting those curls is medal-worthy.

That’s why leave-in conditioner for curly hair is the answer to your hair prayers… Can we get a hallelujah!

Leave-in conditioner is not only good for curly hair, it can help you cut down styling time. Wait, what?! That’s right, ladies… less time styling the style and more time rocking it. Woop!

Best leave in conditioner for curly hair

Leave in conditioner works absolute miracles on curly hair because these treatments tend to its biggest needs – frizz, moisture, repair and shine.

It can come in the form of an oil, spray or cream texture – each offering its own unique benefit to suit different curl types and needs (we’ll get to this a little later on).

The difference between a leave-in conditioner and one you wash out, is all in the name. It’s minimal effort, with long-lasting results - an Aussie girl’s favourite combo.

Think of leave-in conditioner for curly hair as the mascot to the main event – your everyday shampoo and conditioner. Its job is to support the main players by helping to take the game to another level. It’s the uplifting, champion for great hair.

Because leave-in conditioners are designed to be kept on hair, the formula is easily absorbed into strands allowing the ingredients to penetrate deeper for a long-lasting, noticeable difference.

The right leave-in conditioner for curly hair will lead you down the golden path to smooth, curly hair with bounce and shine (got your attention?).

What’s good to know is the different types of leave-in conditioner for curly hair and how they can benefit your curly locks. So, let’s get into it…

Best leave-in conditioner for curly hair that’s frizz-prone

Curly hair’s prone to frizz because of the moisture lacking ends. Remember that road map we mentioned? Yep, the structure of curly hair’s a blocker for moisture making its way down the lengths of hair. So, hair looks for hydration in the surrounding air, causing the strands to swell. Eeeek!

The good news is, there’s a specially formulated leave-in deep treatment designed to tackle this very problem. Meet our Aussie SOS Humidity Shield Leave-On Spray infused with authentic Australian hemp seed extract. This sweet-smelling treat for tresses not only quenches the thirst of those dehydrated locks, it detangles rejoice. So, for hair so smooth it should be illegal, calm the frizz with this A-beauty hair secret. No time? No worries! Just spray a little of this wonder-worker on strands and you’re ready to go. Fix your style and flaunt those effortlessly gorgeous tresses. You little ripper!

Add a little shine to the mix with a dollop of our 3 Miracle Oil Smooth Lightweight Oil. Fuelled by a magic triple blend of Australian macadamia nut oil, Australian sunflower oil and Australian coconut oil gasp, it’s the fairy godmother of oils! And your hair will love it.

Best leave-in conditioner curly hair that’s dry

Moisture’s key to keeping ring curls tight, and waves bouncy. And, since curly hair naturally struggles with moisture, it makes sense to pack your haircare routine with moisture boosting miracle-workers. A bit like our Aussie Miracle Moist Recharge Conditioning Spray. This leave-in conditioner transforms dry hair into nourished locks in a jiffy.

The hydrating formula’s infused with authentic Australian macadamia nut oil – one of the richest botanical sources on earth of the antioxidant palmitoleic acid (omega-7). Sounds impressive, doesn’t it?! So, give those strands a spritz, style and flaunt it!

If you prefer using oils over sprays, our Work That Curl Serum’s the moisture-rich multi-tasking hair serum that hydrates while dialling up the shine. A little goes a long way, so squeeze a coin size amount of this rich formula into the palm of your hand, rub your hands together and apply to the lengths of hair using your fingertips.

Leave-in conditioner for curly hair that’s damaged

Time spent styling those curls, trying to bend the bends in the right direction and then doing everything within your power to keep it in place… Sound familiar? The tools and products used, the salon treatments and even the hats we use to hide the bad hair days… it can all be damaging to the condition of curls.

The result? Split ends and hair breakage. The solution? Our Miracle Hair Insurance Leave-in Detangling Conditioning Spray.

Everything you need packed into one small but mighty bottle. Not only does this miraculous formula protect hair from everyday wear and tear, it detangles so there’s less strain on curls when you’re brushing it through. Aaaaah, sweet relief! It’s the everyday conditioning spray designed to protect hair from the elements. So, if you were wondering what to use for curly hair that’s damaged and breaking, spray this baby over strands and listen to that sound of relief. Infused with Australian eucalyptus extract, its everyday A-mazing benefits will help to make hair stronger.

Leave-in conditioner for curly hair that lacks shine

Did you know the twists and turns in curly and wavy hair reflect light differently than straight hair? Yep. That and a lack of nutrients reaching the lengths of hair contribute to dull-looking strands. Sorry curly-haired ladies… a natural shine’s hard to come by. Luckily, we’ve gathered our best Aussie A-beauty secrets and developed a shine enhancing formula that’ll have you shielding your eyes.

After your everyday shampoo and conditioner combo, towel dry hair and give strands a spritz with our Aussie Mega Smooth Hair Oil.

If you prefer oil-based leave-in treatments, our Aussie Mega Smooth Hair Oil with Australian jojoba oil not only adds shine, but works as a colour protectant (boom!). For oh so shiny, free-flowing effortless curls, this is the one for you.

Craving more curl-boosting hair therapy? Read more on how to look after curly hair.

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