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Short or Long Fine Hair - What to Do

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Go BIG or go home! Flat, fine hair is no fun - it becomes oily or greasy super quickly, and for those of us who live in chillier climates, static can strike with a vengeance. If we wanted static hair, we’d have asked for a balloon…

Yup, you’ve tried all the supposed solutions: “scrunch your hair when it’s wet,” “what about a curling iron?” “dry your hair upside down”. But many hours, experiments and a few tears later, big beautiful hair still seems beyond your reach. Boooo!

So, what next to win the fine hair battle? Whether it’s short fine hair, long fine hair or something in between, we have all the Aussie A-beauty secrets that’ll put the bounce back in those tresses and add volume to fine hair.

Fine hair: what causes it

Fine, thin hair is something you’re born with (sorry folks, you can thank your Mum and Dad for that) but if its major offence is falling flat by lunchtime there are worse things, and there is a major silver lining. You actually have more hair on your head than every other hair type. Weird but true. Though each follicle is thinner in diameter, there are actually far more of them, so all you’ve got to do is make them work for you to really pump up the volume. If you’re wondering what to do with fine hair, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether your hair is long or short, fine thin hair isn’t all bad. If you’re battling short fine hair, you have the ability to lift volume to make hair look fuller, while long fine hair tends to be manageable as well as malleable, meaning it’ll suit most styles and holds its shape far better than other types.

Add volume to fine hair

While we may not all want 80’s volume - that hard hold, three-inch forehead height hair wasn’t such a great look – it’s an indicator of such natural, inner health that it’s the modern iteration, with that touchable, easy attitude that we’re aiming for. Think Kate Moss, Jennifer Lawrence, or Alexa Chung. What do they all share, apart from a wardrobe to die for? Yup. Fine hair. Tousled, breezy and oh so varied. Want to add volume to fine hair? Keep scrolling…

Fine hair: what to do

No matter how young you are, or look in the mirror, the hair on your scalp is actually far older and more worn out than you’d expect. As we age, just as our skin and body changes, our hair does too, in texture, colour, porosity, but also, major alert, in density too. If your hair is long, it can be anything to six to sixteen years old, so it’s seen its fair share of abuse. Hair brushing, intense heat from blow drying, curling and flat irons, through to chemical exposure from colouring or texturizing treatments at the salon - this constant wear and tear causes the cuticle cells to lift and weaken, making the hair lose its smooth outer shine and over time to gradually produce thinner hairs. We’re all at least a bit guilty of some of these crimes against condition, so the first step is to call time on mistreating your tresses and give them some much needed love and attention.

So, at last, give fine, limp hair the ultimate wake-up call with the Aussie Aussome Volume Collection which includes the perfect products for fine hair. The range is enriched with extracts of Kakadu plum. It has a shampoo, a conditioner and a mousse for creating mind-blowing bounce. So, the only “fine” you’re going to be looking is damn fine, girl.

Limp, fine hair is no match for the new generation of style-thickening products. First up, it’s vital to ensure you’re using the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. When you’re aiming to make the most of each strand, condition is crucial so nourish your hair with balancing shampoos and hydrating but lightweight conditioners and styling products that pump up the volume.

Aussome Volume Shampoo is a feather-light volumising shampoo that is your ticket to sky-high volume and insane body. Its genius formula helps detangle, hydrate and soften while leaving lengths bouncier, fuller and supple. Follow this with Aussome Volume Conditioner to help transform fine, thin hair into locks that are perfectly conditioned yet still full of body and bounce.

Armed with the right tips and know how, now you’ve got the best of both worlds - instant volume and texture that’s almost as light as air with long term hair heath. Big, bouncy and fuller looking hair is yours for the taking. Fine hair? Don’t care.

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