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Is Conditioner Good For Hair Growth?

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We’ve all been there, inspired by a new short style we’ve gone to the hairdressers clutching a picture reference, only to come out post-chop, see someone with long luscious locks, and immediately regret the decision. Or maybe it’s those awkward in-between stages where your hair doesn’t look like it’s one thing or another? The desire to encourage your hair to grow is real, and while there’s no magic potion for Rapunzel like-locks, there are a ton of tips to get your hair to its healthiest, longest lengths.

Does conditioner make hair grow faster?

The answer: Sadly, there's no overnight trick that will make your hair grow faster; but regular conditioning after every shampoo strengthens, smooths, and increases the resilience of hair to daily stresses. Just as plants and flowers require a rich soil, sunshine and water to grow, our hair demands nourishment deep down to its roots in order for the healthiest hair to grow.

Genetic factors are responsible for the density, length, colour and texture of hair, so it’s a matter of luck if you’ve won the growth lottery. If you have, you can thank your parents for that! But the good news is that even for the more folically frustrated, there’s much we can control by the way we care for our hair.

Hair typically only grows a quarter to half an inch per month but, getting long hair is only possible if it’s healthy, all the way from root to tip, and doesn’t have a ton of split ends. This leads to the age-old beauty conundrum, ‘how can cutting my hair actually help it grow longer?’ The truth is that if you’re after long, healthy-looking hair, frequent trims are a non-negotiable. Frayed, split ends will eventually cause your hair to break further up on the strand and keep it from ever getting past a certain length. However, with the right care you can keep your ends as healthy as possible between cuts, and avoid losing hard-won inches.

Healthy hair equals longer hair and you’ll never have healthy hair if you aren’t showing your body love from within. To promote optimal hair growth, you have to "feed" the hair from the inside and the outside. A good balanced diet that includes adequate folic acid, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamins D, A, C and E is essential. Then topically, your choice of hair products is absolutely key. The best conditioner for hair growth is the one that best suits your hair type, and is infused with the right ingredients to help reduce hair loss due to breakage. It also needs to promote the growth of strong, healthy hair; and Pantene Pro-V Miracles Grow Strong Conditioner does just that.

Headlining the Pantene Pro-V Miracles Grow Strong collection it combines the power of Pro-V Science with biotin and bamboo and boasts 0% mineral oils and 0% colourants! Inspired by Bamboo known to be the fastest growing plant in the world and Biotin – the best kept secret for healthy hair, skin and nails, this collection is created to strengthen your hair to reduce hair loss due to breakage.

What does conditioner do?

Not only is regular conditioning the backbone of every healthy hair-care routine, but it’s quite literally the only step of your hair care routine that infuses the hair with strength, replenishing hair’s moisture that can be stripped from shampooing. Without it, hair can become weak, dry and likely to break along the lengths. Conditioned hair is stronger hair, and stronger hair means less breakage and longer lengths. Put it this way, if you want to encourage healthy hair growth, conditioner should be your best friend, and an unequivocal, never-to-be-missed step in your hair-care regime. Ideally, you should moisturise your hair every single time you get it wet in the shower as, over time colouring and heat styling may cause strands to get thinner at the ends that can lead to more breakage and shorter lengths.

Best conditioner for hair growth

If your hair is shoulder-length or longer, it’s already about two to three years old that means it likely needs more TLC. Conditioning masks can be left on strands longer and are more intensive than your everyday conditioner, which are just the indulgent treat not-so-youthful lengths need. Pantene Pro-V Miracles Grow Strong Mask is infused with a powerful bamboo and biotin complex and users have achieved up to 96% less hair loss*. The miracle formula of this deep conditioning hair mask helps to strengthen hair so it doesn’t break as easily under the everyday pressures of hair styling and heated tools. If you’re worried about hair loss and breakage, you’re not alone; hair loss is the number one searched hair issue on Google in the UK and, up to 80% of women suffer from hair loss that results from breakage. But never fear, it’s quite normal to lose up 50-100 hairs each day and this is simply the normal renewal process of hair, especially if you have longer or darker hair, you’ll see more of it!

Is it okay to condition hair everyday?

The rule for stronger, healthier hair that’s less prone to breakage is to condition more and be gentle when you wash. Not sure how to strike the perfect wash/condition ratio? Read more about how often should you wash your hair. Shampoo is designed to cleanse hair of impurities, but if you don’t follow up with a deeply nourishing conditioner or moisturising treatment, this can leave hair more vulnerable. Conditioner is your hair’s superhero and helps replenish lost nutrients. The results? Hydrated, shinier-looking hair that’s soft to touch and less prone to frizz and flyaways.

Those with thick or coarse hair need a heavier, thick conditioner to add moisture where it’s lacking. So, a liberal application of super hydrating post-shampoo treatment such as Pantene Pro-V Miracles Go Longer Protein Reconstruct Leave-In Cream or Pantene Pro-V Miracles Grow Strong Mask should be as familiar a process as cleaning your teeth. Just try a wash without conditioner and your hair will show you how much it needs that deep, rich nourishment. Well don’t try, trust us! Those with fine hair need a conditioner that won’t weigh down hair, which is where light conditioners come into their own. Discover the right conditioner for your hair type and needs.

If your hair’s feeling particularly thirsty between washes, you might want to look for a smoothing, hydrating boost to parched or unruly locks and try a leave in conditioner for hair growth and health. Pantene Pro-V Miracles Go Longer Leave-in Conditioner targets hair's weakest spots for hair that grows longer and 100% stronger.

The bottom line is that for long healthy hair, the key is to promote strong strands that aren't prone to breakage. Strong hair will grow over time, but it does take some patience – and good Pantene care.

To read more about the wonder benefits of bamboo and caffeine for hair take a look at our handy guides. 

*hair loss due to breakage, vs. non conditioning shampoo
**strength against styling damage, vs. non conditioning shampoo

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