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Rose Water for Hair

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As our hair and beauty products have become more hi-tech (think keratin, hyaluronic acid and heat activated polymers) we may have overlooked one of nature’s most powerful beauty heroes. Enter rose water, an age-old but ingenious ingredient that is set to amp up your haircare regimen.

Rose water benefits for hair

Used for millennia, from the Ancient Egyptians who drenched themselves in it as a beautifying bathing elixir, to much of the Middle East who still use it for its incredible hair and skin enhancing properties, this famously romantic flower is clearly beautiful on the inside and out. Made by steeping or steam-distilling rose petals in water in order to isolate the plant’s essential oils, rose water is a gentle balancing astringent that has long been known to soothe irritated skin as well as instantly refresh and hydrate. Rich in flavonoids and vitamins A, B3, C, D, and E it naturally calms, conditions and moisturises. And, because its pH is similar to that of our hair follicles it’s said to restore damaged hair’s porosity, enhance growth and improve hydration. When hair is exposed to an acidic environment, it causes the cuticle layer of the strand to constrict, which allows for better moisture retention. It’s literally a wonder bloom. What’s not to love? Rose water for hair… yes please!

Rose water for hair: your new hair hero

For most of us, dream hair has billowing volume, lifted roots, thicker lengths and healthy shine but many products can weigh the hair down, rather than enhancing its natural life and freshness. If your aim is strong, full and voluminous hair then Pantene’s new Lift’n’Volume Collection is your hair’s newest hero. Loaded with nutrients that feed, strengthen** and thicken each strand, every element across the product family creates the perfect environment to grow and maintain healthy hair. If you’ve ever searched for “rose water for hair growth,” or “rose water uses for hair,” this is the answer to your hair prayers. Like a flower in full bloom, hair is lifted, natural, full and voliminous. If you’re looking for gorgeous smelling, glow-giving hair, Pantene’s new Lift’n’Volume Collection should be high on your agenda.

Blending innovative haircare technology with natural ingredients, each product in the range is infused with a quartet of deeply nourishing and restorative elements; rose water, castor oil, biotin and Pro-V nutrients. The shampoo is sulphate and silicone free and works to ensure the hair is reinforced from within for repair. The inclusion of rose water at the forefront of this new global launch is precisely for its head-turning luxurious smell & feel. Loaded with all those vitamins, and antioxidants, the formulahelps to restore hair’s strength.. Pantene’s Lift’n’Volume Shampoo, gently cleanses dry, damaged hair by infusing it with the nutrients hair needs to hold onto moisture, while Lift’n’Volume Conditioner, deeply nourishes from root to tip for 100% visibly thicker, fuller hair*.

Once your cleanse and condition routine is on point, add in a weekly treatment mask to say ‘goodbye’ to dry, damaged and lifeless locks. The perfect excuse to treat yourself to an at-home spa night, Pantene’s Body & Strength Silicon Free Mask’s formula with pro-v nutrients, is paired with biotin & rose water, for a formula that gives soft, moisturised locks that look as healthy and vibrant as a rose in full bloom.

Rose water is nature’s wonder food, soothing and nourishing hair from the roots to the very tips, so it’s no wonder that this ancient miracle is at the heart of Pantene’s innovative Grow Thicker; a specialised hair treatment that thickens existing hair to create the look of 6,500 more strands. Yep… 6,500 more strands! You can pick your jaw up from the floor now. This incredible formulation utilises the best of science and nature in one product to showcase your best, thickest and most voluminous hair look. Simply spray and go, swishing your thick and lustrous mane as you sweep past scores of envious eyes.

And while we all want thicker looking, healthier-looking hair, we also need the speediest, multi-tasking wonder product that gives head turning hair in an instant. And this is where Pantene’s 7-in-One Weightless Oil Mist comes in. Utilising the unique blend of rose water, castor oil, biotin and Pro-V nutrients, this little beauty does it all; from strengthening, repairing and detangling when your hair is wet, to heat and colour protection as it dries. It’ll add the finishing touch of shine and frizz-free finesse to your style when you’re done.

With an ancient history going back to Cleopatra blended with modern know-how everything (including your hair) really is coming up rosy. 

Want to know more about the ingredients in Pantene’s new Lift’n’Volume Collection? We’ve gathered all our expert knowledge on biotin for hair and castor oil so you know all about what’s in the bottle and what’s great for healthy hair!

*vs. unwashed hair
**vs. non conditioning shampoo

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